10 Cambro Blogs that Defined 2018

Cambro Tray Personalized.jpgCambro had a fantastic year of new products, shelving showcases and solutions for a variety of problems kitchens face every day. Cambro enjoys making products and content that chefs can utilize in their daily lives and for those important circumstances when the only answer is Cambro. We rounded up some of our favorite blog posts from the year that touched on multiple hot topics:

  1. Products Built to Deliver

Panera Bag.jpg

Delivery truly made its mark on 2018, and Cambro was quick to keep up with the emerging trend early on. First, in January, Cambro announced the acquisition of long-trusted pizza bag company Thermal Bags by Ingrid. In addition to pizza bags, Cambro debuted a line of delivery bags to help make the transition easier for restaurants big and small. Cambro’s GoBags come in a variety of sizes and help keep food fresh and safe during transport. One of the biggest names that use Cambro’s GoBags is Panera Bread. Their delivery service is in-house and has been extremely successful this year.

  1. New Insulated Food Transport Products


We brought a variety of new products to the Catersource show in Las Vegas. Exhibitors were able to get up close and personal with some items they had never seen before.

We showed new versions of the Cam GoBox, our lightweight and budget-friendly item that safely holds hot or cold foods during transport. They are quickly becoming a favorite in the catering community.

Another big hit was the redesigned UPC300. It has room for three 4-inch deep GN full-size food pans or factional pans, holds hot or cold food at safe temperatures for 4+ hours and is stackable for storage and transport. The Pro Cart Ultra line is the most adaptable holding and transport cart on the market. It’s able to hold GN food pans, sheet pans, trays and pizza boxes. With the Pro Cart Ultra Tall model, you’re able to hold both cold and hot food in the same cart. Read the full blog post here: https://blog.cambro.com/2018/01/24/visit-cambro-at-catersource-in-las-vegas/

  1. The Launch of the Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack

Sheet Pan Rack at Moulin B 2

This new product will change the way you think about sheet pan racks. This durable and reliable rack comes with a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion and features heat-resistant rails that accept sheet pans straight out of a 350°F oven. The Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack’s unique molded-in rails promote airflow for effective cooling and thawing and positioning ribs on each rail end are slightly raised to keep sheet pans centered. Customers have the option of choosing 3” or 1½” rail spacing in full-size, half-size and undercounter models. Learn more about this amazing product here: https://blog.cambro.com/2018/12/04/cambro-debuts-non-rusting-long-lasting-ultimate-sheet-pan-rack/

  1. How to Save Money and Cut Waste

Camware Trays with Handles 2

We positioned a challenge to healthcare foodservice managers: It’s Time to Dump the Mat. A one-year supply of paper tray mats costs $32,000. That money literally goes in the trash—trash that is piling up more waste in landfills. What’s a foodservice manager to do? Switch to Cambro non-skid trays, of course! This sustainable approach forever eliminates the expense of paper mats because the non-skid surface of the tray keeps items safe and secure.

  1. Cambro’s Magnificent Seven

These seven products are essential in every kitchen. For those just starting out or kitchens looking to check their inventory, each of these products will keep your kitchen running smoothly and safely. The seven members of this squad are: rounds, squares, colander pans, high-heat pans, Camwear pans, Seal Covers and Storesafe Food Rotation Labels. Plus, we added Cambro Ingredient Bins as a bonus item. Each item keeps your food fresher, promotes food safety and makes your life easier.

  1. One Pan to Rule Them All

One of our Magnificent Seven, the High-Heat H-pan, deserved a spotlight blog of its own this year. The Cambro amber pan (as it is often referred) is more than meets the eye. First, this pan is safe for cooking temperatures ranging from -40˚F to 375˚F. This means they keep food items warm and fresh without scorching or drying them out. You can take this pan from prep to steam table without having to switch pans. Second, H-pans distribute heat better. The high-grade plastic that amber pans are made from is a good insulator of heat. In contrast, metal pans conduct heat and will cause food temperatures to decline more rapidly. Read more about this special food pan here: https://blog.cambro.com/2018/02/23/4-things-you-didnt-know-about-amber-high-heat-food-pans/

  1. Extreme Makeover: Kitchen Edition


The beverage cooler at the Kimpton Shorebreak Hotel in downtown Huntington Beach, CA, originally had two Camshelving Premium units on opposite walls and two green wire shelving units nestled in between. With up to 8 beer kegs in the cooler at one time, moving around the cooler was very difficult. Our Camshelving® design consultants created a new Camshelving Premium Series layout for the cooler by utilizing shared post designs and corner connectors to turn previously unusable space into valuable storage space.

Afterward, Eric Zuniga, Food & Beverage Manager at the hotel, says he’s been able to store an additional 200 bottles of syrups, wine and prebatches in the cooler. In addition to a more efficient shelving design, shelving units, Shelf Divider Panels were added to organize wine and beer varieties and Camshelving Shelf Rails added a layer of protection around the cooler’s valuable merchandise. Read about our shelving solution here: https://blog.cambro.com/2018/05/30/before-after-the-install-shorebreak-hotel-beverage-cooler/

  1. Focus on K-12 Breakfast Participation

GoBox GN Top Loader School 4

Schools have placed a greater emphasis on breakfast participation and one way they’re trying to encourage kids to eat something in the mornings is to bring the food to them. Cambro GoBoxes work perfectly for this purpose. Whether you’re holding cold beverages like milk or hot meals like breakfast burritos, the Cam GoBox is adaptable to either variation of temperature. The Cam GoBox has superior insulation that holds foods safely for up to four hours. Plus, its lightweight design makes it easy for staff to lift and maneuver throughout hallways and classrooms. Read more about Why Every K-12 Foodservice Operation Needs a Cam GoBox here: https://blog.cambro.com/2018/07/17/why-every-k-12-foodservice-operation-needs-a-cam-gobox/

  1. Shelving Solutions for Every Inch of the Kitchen

Undercounter storage is a huge opportunity for any kitchen. Most undercounter areas are cluttered with boxes or poorly constructed means of holding extra items. Cambro’s Elements Series Undercounter Units allow you to organize and efficiently use your undercounter space while also complying with food safety protocols. You may be limited with storage space, and Cambro’s undercounter units can help you find a few extra inches here and there. Restaurants like Five Guys and Del Taco have already begun implementing Cambro’s new Elements Series Undercounter Units in locations across the US. See more photos of Del Taco uses this space-saving product here: https://blog.cambro.com/2018/08/14/maximize-untapped-undercounter-storage-with-cambros-new-elements-series-shelving-unit/

  1. Chefs Utilize Camshelving for Unique Applications

Dry Aged beef

A vast majority of customers use Camshelving in conventional ways like holding food pans in a walk-in or holding paper products in a storage area. However, there are many foodservice operators that see the unique opportunities that Camshelving offers and run with it! For example, in our blog post High-End Steakhouse Relies on Camshelving to Safely Dry-Age Meat, a Houston steakhouse uses Camshelving in their dry-aging room. Because of Camshelving’s rust proof, antimicrobial protected shelf plates, the restaurant felt comfortable putting the meat directly on the shelving. This antimicrobial protection is permanently molded into shelf plates to inhibit the growth of mold, fungus and bacteria. Learn more about how this restaurant also used Cambro’s High Density Storage System to maximize space in a storage pod here: https://blog.cambro.com/2018/11/14/high-end-steakhouse-relies-on-camshelving-to-safely-dry-age-meat/ 


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