Cambro Products to Support Your New Year’s Resolutions

Another year means another resolution. After the clock struck midnight, you may have resolved to do something to better yourself in 2019. Often those resolutions are quickly forgotten by the beginning of February—but not this year. Many Cambro products support productive and positive behaviors that resolution makers often have in mind. So, which product will help you become better in 2019?

1. Save Money and Spend Less

Cambro products are extremely durable and are specifically designed to last an extremely long time. Stop wasting money on disposable food pans and invest in Camwear food pans and lids. When using food pans and seal covers, food stays fresher and eliminates the need to constantly buy more disposable pans. If you’re looking to extend the life of prepped food, Camwear colander pans allow food to stay fresh by keeping drippings separate. You will naturally waste less because food won’t go bad as quickly. If you need to use pans that are compatible with heat, has a pan for that too. Cambro H-pan high heat food pans can handle up to 375 degrees. Find all of Cambro’s Camwear food pans and lid variations here:

2. Get Organized

It’s amazing how cleaning up a space can also feel like you’re cleaning up your psyche. Sometimes just looking at a messy walk-in or storage area can bring an onset of stress when you get to work. Make your work life a more peaceful place by organizing and cleaning everything. First, get rid of any recycled food containers that are now holding something else. Using recycled food containers is highly discouraged because it can violate food safety protocols. Second, get rid of any cardboard boxes holding produce. These boxes dropped off by suppliers often harbor insects and dirt, which can also decrease the food safety in your kitchen. Third, say “no” to metal. Metal pans can warp, rust and are usually covered in plastic wrap. Keep food fresher and safer by replacing all containers with CamSquares, Camwear Rounds and Camwear Food Boxes. Cambro food storage options are all food safety compliant, have a variety of lid options to keep food fresh and are easy to organize on shelves. If you’re looking to maximize your space, using CamSquares provides 33 percent better space usage than using other shapes or inconsistent sizes.

3. Learn Something New 

One popular food trend we love is sous vide. You’ve likely seen photos of the process on our social channels. While it may look intimidating, sous vide is very easy and fun to experiment with different kinds of recipes. If you’ve been looking at sous vide with a certain curiosity, but have been afraid to try it out, we encourage you to go for it! The products you need are pretty simple: Cambro 12qt CamSquare, an immersion circulator (such as Anova or Joule) and plastic bags (or a vacuum sealer). Try out these easy and delicious recipes for the Perfect Sous Vide Ribeye Steak or Sous Vide Mashed Potatoes (or both!) for your first meal.

4. Travel More

Pack your Cambro GoBag and get ready for adventure! The restaurant industry is changing rapidly and to keep up, your operation should have a delivery or off-premise operation in place. While traveling around your community delivering food, you’ll want to make sure orders stay at the ideal temperature on the way there. Keep food hot or cold in Cambro GoBags thanks to their breathable material and extra-strength insulation. Multiple pockets keep receipts, coupons and condiments organized and ready to be sent out. Available in nine different sizes, there is a Cambro GoBag that will fit your business’ needs and get you on the road.

5. Be Healthier

Healthy living doesn’t stop at diet and exercise, it’s important to factor in how your environment affects your immune system too. Keeping your kitchen clean and sanitized is an obvious, yet sometimes overlooked aspect of the foodservice industry. Bacteria can easily grow when equipment isn’t washed, dried and stored properly. Cambro’s line of drying racks keep clean items clean. Rather than haphazardly stacking items on top of each other with room for bacteria to grow, drying racks keep items separated and organized. Ensure food stored in Cambro Camwear is safely away from rust and corrosion by choosing Camshelving. Ideal for freezers, coolers, pantries and dry storage, Camshelving is made with an antimicrobial protection permanently molded into shelf plates to inhibit the growth of mold, fungus and bacteria. Keep yourself and your customers safe and healthy with equipment designed with food safety in mind. Cambro products support an efficient, safe and organized space that is sure to help you crush your goals in 2019. For more information on the products mentioned, contact your Cambro rep or visit


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