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4 Things You Didn’t Know About Amber High-Heat Food Pans

AmberHighHeat_image1You probably already know it’s a Cambro H-Pan™ High Heat food pan when you see the amber color. But there’s more than just easy identification that makes amber high heat pans so useful. Available in all the Gastronorm standard sizes, amber high heat pans are a substantial upgrade from stainless steel pans. Read on to find out how truly versatile and practical amber high heat pans really are.

  1. Hpan Full Size in German KitchenAmber Pans Can Do It All

Amber High Heat H-Pans are safe for cooking temperatures ranging from -40˚F to 375˚F. This means they keep food items warm and fresh without scorching or drying them out. At the other temperature extreme, you can cool or freeze food in amber pans. Then take them from the freezer to the microwave to bring them back up to serving temperatures. Place them in a steam table to serve, all in the same food pan.

  1. Amber Pans Distribute Heat Better

The high-grade plastic that amber pans are made from is a good insulator of heat. This means that amber pans promote even cooking and heating, eliminating hot and cold spots, and protecting food temps better during transport and holding. Contrast this with metal pans, which actually conduct heat, and will experience more rapid decline of food temperatures.

  1. Amber Pans Won’t Bend, Dent or Warp

Because amber pans retain their shape and won’t bend or warp, they create more contact area with steam tables or other hot holding equipment. Bent metal pans allow steam and heat to escape, driving up energy costs and putting food temps at risk.

  1. Amber Pans Minimize Handling and Risk of Contamination

The trick to maximizing shelf life is to control the food’s environment as much as possible by keeping out air, additional moisture and microbial cross-contamination. You can better control the environment and reduce the exposure of foods to harmful situations with the minimal handling that amber high heat pans allow: This one high heat pan does prep, cooking, storage and heating and more.

From prep to serving, the amber high heat pan does it all.

Get a Free Amber Pan!

Now that you know what amber High Heat H-Pans can do, try one for yourself! Experience what it’s like to prep, cook, cool, heat and store all in one pan. Enter below to request a free sample half-size amber high-heat food pan and lid. (Limited to the first 50 customers.)


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: ANNAMARIA BARAJAS is an Associate Marketing Manager at Cambro. For more articles related to food storage click here.

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