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The Pro Cart Ultra: Perfectly Engineered for Schools

ProCart ultra pizza box and salad boxSchools serve everything from hot French fries, pizza and chicken to cold salads, sandwiches and smoothies. With Cambro’s Pro Cart Ultra™, schools now have one piece of equipment that can keep everything at its proper temperature, whether hot or cold.

That’s because the Pro Cart Ultra actively maintains temperatures for both hot and cold foods. With interchangeable modules that produce active cold or active heat, the Pro Cart Ultra allows school nutrition directors to create custom carts to do exactly what they need.

Plus, the PCU holds exactly what schools need, from food pans and sheet pans, to pizza boxes, trays and wire baskets. Justin Gagnon, CEO of Choicelunch in California, says that all his school customers use wire baskets. “They’re essential to our operation,” he adds.

“You’ll probably find that most districts plating individually packaged/portioned meals use these baskets extensively for production and transport.”


So, it’s no wonder why so many schools have added a Pro Cart Ultra to their equipment lineup.

What Makes the PCU Great for Schools:

  • Holding Capacity: Holds GN food pans, sheet pans, trays, pizza boxes and wire baskets.
  • Energy Efficient: Active heating or cooling modules draw less than 5 amps each.
  • Sizing Options: Choose from the single cavity low Pro Cart Ultra, or double cavity tall Pro Cart Ultra.
  • Change from Hot to Cold and Back: Passive, thermal hot or cold modules can easily be removed and replaced with a different module to support menu or operational changes.
  • Casters: Heavy-duty casters roll up ramps easily and load onto trucks for transfer from central kitchen to satellite sites

Find out how the Pro Cart Ultra can work for you in your school operation when you contact your local Cambro rep.


Pro Cart Ultra – Tall, Electric Model   |   Pro Cart Ultra – Low, Electric

Pro Cart Ultra – Tall, Passive   |   Pro Cart Ultra – Low, Passive


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