Healthcare Foodservice Managers: It’s Time to Dump the Mat

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You are throwing away $32,000 a year. That money is literally going in the trash. It doesn’t look like money but it most definitely is. The tray mats you’ve been placing on top of trays for all these years are a waste to your budget and more waste to the landfills.

Ex. 300 bed facility. 3 trays used per day per bed. Est. cost of $100 per 1,000 mats.

A one-year supply of tray mats can be used towards a noticeable face-lift on your room service. Doing away with tray mats for just one year you can have:

  • Brand new room service carts.
  • Reliable temperature maintenance systems.
  • New room service trays.
  • Modern tray tops.

It’s never too late to put an end to this costly habit that ends up in trash.

Camwear® Non-Skid Trays

Switching to Cambro non-skid trays will instantly impact your bottom – increase your bottom line by thousands of dollars while decreasing waste in landfills by several tons. This sustainable approach will forever eliminate this expense because the non-skid surface of the tray keeps items without the use of paper tray mats. It’s more stable and secure to handle during patient meal service, reducing the risk of accidental spills while providing an attractive tray presentation.

  • Made of durable material.
  • Available with and without handles.
  • Available in 14” x 18” and 15”x 20”.
  • NSF listed.

The most expensive mistake any foodservice executive can make is to assume that the current process in place, from kitchen to room service, is always the best process.  It always pays to re-evaluate and make smart purchasing decisions based on the new options that are available to make a positive long-term impact on your operation.

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Consult with your Cambro Healthcare Specialist about other cost-saving solutions.

About the Author: Maria Hashemi is the Marketing Manager for Healthcare. To see more posts related to Healthcare solutions, click here.

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