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Before & After the Install: Shorebreak Hotel Beverage Cooler

“Before and After the Install” is a series highlighting shelving installations in a variety of foodservice operations. Find the previous articles in the series here.



The beverage cooler at the Kimpton Shorebreak Hotel in downtown Huntington Beach, CA, is small, but it’s expected to service the many guests who come year-round to enjoy the sunny Southern California coast.  The hotel offers a selection of bottled and draft beers, wine and cocktails, and they were storing all these items in the beverage cooler behind the main bar.

The cooler had two Camshelving Premium units on opposite walls and two green wire shelving units nestled in between. Plus, there were up to 8 beer kegs in the cooler at one time, making it difficult for staff to move around or quickly find items in the cooler. There simply wasn’t enough space in the cooler to store everything the staff needed.


Our Camshelving® design consultants created a new layout for the cooler with Camshelving Premium Series, utilizing shared post designs and corner connectors to turn previously unusable space into valuable storage space.

DSC_0773Eric Zuniga, Food & Beverage Manager at the Kimpton Shorebreak Hotel says he’s been able to store an additional 200 bottles of syrups, wine and prebatches in the cooler now. “Ever since we had the new Cambro shelves installed, it’s much more organized and neater. The same floor space was used, but the filled-in gaps in the corner and added shelving on both ends of the keg room have really maximized the space,” he says.

In addition to more shelving units, we also added Shelf Divider Panels to create a better organization system to separate wine and beer varieties. Camshelving Shelf Rails added a level of security that protects the valuable merchandise stored in the cooler. “The [shelf] rails … also added a bit of relief in the event that an earthquake occurs, which is very possible here in California.”

Finally, the beer kegs were placed on Dunnage Racks nested under the shelving to bring them off the floor and create more free walking space. “Overall, these shelving units helped organize, condense, and protect our product, which is more than anyone can ask for,” Zuniga says.

See how much storage space you can free up in your cooler, freezer or dry storage with a free custom Camshelving design layout. Or contact your local Cambro rep to get started.

About Camshelving® Premium Series

DSC_0742Designed to withstand the toughest conditions and harshest storage environments, Premium Series is the ideal restaurant shelving for freezers, coolers and dry storage areas. With countless ways to configure Premium Series using shared posts and corner connectors, operators can create the optimal storage space for their needs while maximizing available space.

About Shelf Divider Panels

Photo Feb 22, 3 33 07 PMKeep small items neatly organized with Shelf Divider Panels. Designed to fit all Camshelving series, Divider Panels snap easily onto shelves to keep anything from condiments to wine bottles upright and shelves organized.

About Shelf Rails

Secure your precious stock, from hot sauce to beer bottles, securely on shelves with Shelf Rails. Available for all sizes of Camshelving Premium and Elements Series, Shelf Rails keep shelf contents fenced in and secure from spilling or breaking.DSC_0711.JPG

About the Author: ANNAMARIA BARAJAS is a Marketing Manager at CAMBRO, focusing on Shelving and Storage solutions.

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