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50 Ways to Use a Swirl Bowl

IMG_1791.JPGWhether you are a kitchen expert or a chef in training, it never fails. You’re scrambling around your kitchen storage looking for that perfect bowl to set-up your ingredients, create your mise en place or stage your side add-ons. Many of us end up with an island of misfit bowls to prepare and display.

Cambro fanatics have discovered that these diminutive yet practical swirl bowls are staples you will want to put on repeat and always keep on hand in your kitchen. These indispensable bowls are at last receiving the recognition they deserve and a rightful upgrade in our kitchen book.   

Out of This Swirl

If it’s true that we eat with our eyes, professional cooks would say they prep with their hearts. After all, the fun is in the process of seeing it all come together. Now, you can bring these bowls to back-of-the-house activity and do more than simply serve ice cream sundaes, yogurt or fresh fruit. These user-friendly, easy to handle bowls are unbreakable and stack nicely for convenient storage. If you run a culinary school, these can also be put to use to train your students on organizing prep ingredients, proper portioning and staging.  

Our audience has spoken and here are other inventive ways our fanatics are using these bowls. 50 ways to be exact…but I’m sure we could turn this into a series if we had our way. 

50 Ways to Use a Cambro Swirl Bowl 

  1. Salsas and Chilis 
  2. Portioning/Staging 
  3. Olives
  4. Guacamole 
  5. Hummus/Tzatziki 
  6. Candy/Sweets 
  7. Yogurt/Custard 
  8. Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt 
  9. Fruit Bowls 
  10. Holding bowl next to stove for pinching salt 
  11. Dressings 
  12. Dipping Sauces 
  13. Condiments 
  14. Sugar Cubes 
  15. Creamer 
  16. Mixed Berry Bowls 
  17. Rice/Quinoa/Chia Seeds 
  18. Pickled Cucumbers 
  19. Jalapenos 
  20. Chilis Potato Salad 
  21. Coleslaw
  22. Toothpicks 
  23. Sliced Bananas 
  24. Side Servings 
  25. Nacho Cheese 
  26. Seasonings/Spices 
  27. Oatmeal 
  28. Granola 
  29. Raisins 
  30. Coconut Flakes 
  31. Display in Veggie Trays 
  32. Mints 
  33. Herbs 
  34. Sprinkles 
  35. Smoothie Bar Toppings 
  36. Nuts 
  37. Chips 
  38. Cereals 
  39. Cheese Cubes 
  40. Cucumbers 
  41. Seeds 
  42. Steamed Vegetables 
  43. Cookie Cutter Stencils – Turned upside down for Swirl-shaped cookies 
  44. Lemon/Lime Slices 
  45. Cherries 
  46. Chocolate Chips 
  47. Gazpacho 
  48. Popcorn 
  49. Bacon Bits 
  50. Bar Snacks 

Cambro Swirl Bowls are available in 5 and 13 ounce sizes.

If this list has peaked your interest in Swirl Bowl, contact a Cambro Sales Rep or visit the product webpage for more product info and to request a sample.

About the Author: Felix Bazgan is the Sr, MarComm Manager at Cambro.


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