How to Keep Warewashing Areas in Healthcare Kitchens Organized and Sanitized

Vertical and Angled Drying Rack HC 1Healthcare kitchen staff know the importance of proper drying of newly-washed items. Minimizing the risk of bacterial growth is important in any environment, but it is especially vital in a healthcare setting where many patients have compromised immune systems.

img_0087_2Lack of space and the proper equipment often leave healthcare operators scrambling to find creative ways to wash, dry and store the hundreds of items used every day. Leaving items on the “clean side” of the conveyer to dry or leaving trays, lids, meal delivery domes and bases on dish racks until the next service are just two examples of well-intentioned, but far-from-ideal, solutions to preventing bacterial growth.

Operators can control clutter and reduce bacterial growth and odor while providing an organized warewashing environment by using Camshelving® Hygienic Drying Racks.

All Cambro Drying Racks are:

  • Rust-free and non-corrosive
  • Durable: won’t break or dent
  • Adjustable: removable drying cradles for easy adjustment
  • Easy to maneuver for cleaning

Camshelving Hygienic Drying Racks keep the trayline and warewashing areas organized without taking up valuable space while offering a cost-efficient solution compared to metal racks.

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