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Your Hospital Will Want Cambro Meal Delivery Carts…STAT!

One of the biggest challenges that healthcare foodservice professionals face is keeping their hot meals hot during room service. Nick McElroy, Food Service Manager at South Shore University Hospital, noticed their stainless steel carts weren’t meeting their standards. He set out to find smaller meal delivery carts that were insulated and would make service faster.

“We looked at the Cambro carts and we decided to go with [the 10 Tray Meal Delivery Cart] because they were more durable. They weren’t like stainless steel where constantly we had to make sure they’re shining. They’re easy to clean and maintain, a lot easier than the bigger, bulky trucks,” said McElroy. “Pushing them around in the hallway is easier on my staff, it’s not a strain on their backs or anything.”

In addition to being bulky, their stainless steel carts weren’t keeping their food hot enough.  

“When we would do the 24 trays [in the stainless steel carts], the first tray went in and the mashed potatoes were 160°F. We always factor in that it could take about 10 minutes to get upstairs to the patients and to serve them. I would say the potatoes would decrease at least 20 degrees compared to when we were doing the [Cambro carts],” said McElroy.

Their Cambro Meal Delivery Carts also made a big difference because of their capacity. Where temperature loss occurred during loading with their 24-tray carts, the Cambro carts held 10 trays and made it easier to get the food out to their patients quickly.

“It stayed a lot hotter when it was in the Cambro carts because it was less trays going up and the confinement of the doors and everything; we made sure everything was sealed,” said McElroy.

In addition to hot food, the patients at South Shore University Hospital enjoy hot coffee too. Rather than serve and load the coffee in individual cups downstairs, McElroy wanted to serve them in their room. He added the Cambro Airpot and Condiment Station for its functionality and professional look.

“The coffee airpot organizer really helps because when we started putting the coffees on top and we didn’t have the organizer, [the staff] would hit something and they would fall off. It looks a lot nicer on top of the cart than what we used to have,” said McElroy.

McElroy originally ordered two 10 Tray Meal Delivery Carts and will soon be up to 16. 

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