Medical Center Depends on Cambro Products to Provide 5,000 Patient Meals a Day

Going to the hospital can be a scary experience. Whether you’re going in for tests or a procedure, many people feel uneasy walking through their doors. In order to make patients feel more comfortable, hospitals work hard to provide fresh, tasty meals. Manuel Rios III, Executive Chef of Nutrition and Food Services at Long Island Jewish Medical Center, oversees the meals for four hospitals, two of which are offsite. In total, their kitchen cooks 5,000 patient meals a day, plus employee meals.

Every day, Rios and his team use Pro Cart Ultra units to safely transport food to their other locations, one located across the street and another eight miles away.

“I think they’re great. I think they’ve taken some serious beatings from some of our team members and they still work well,” said Rios.

The Pro Cart Ultra is ideal for transporting food offsite because it is rust-proof, dent-resistant and equipped with heavy duty casters.

Inside the facilities, Rios is slowing transitioning to Cambro Healthcare Meal Delivery Carts.

“They roll very well, they’re quiet and even fully loaded they’re still easy to maneuver,” said Rios.

In a place where it’s imperative to be hygienic at all times, Rios went with the most sanitary shelving money can buy: Camshelving®.

“[Camshelving is] great because you can clean them so easily. You just run them through the dish washer and your shelving is clean again and you don’t have to worry about the corrosion of the traditional metal shelving,” said Rios.

To maximize his ability to clean, Rios went with mobile Camshelving Premium Series.

“I have issues with corners and walls and getting it cleaned when spills happen. If you have a square room and you have shelving along the wall, you can pull all the shelving in the middle and clean all the edging,” said Rios.

“I want everything on wheels so that we can move around and clean. For cleanliness in a kitchen, I feel that the mobile shelves are the best.”

In addition to their products, Rios appreciates the service he receives from his local Cambro sales rep, Chris Little, with CLV Marketing.

“Chris is awesome. The support that is given when we purchase a product or we have questions with a product…your customer support is fantastic,” said Rios. Find the best Cambro Healthcare products for your operation by contacting your local Cambro sales rep today.


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