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Cambro Gifts to Give Every Chef on Your List  

It’s a little known fact that Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” was originally titled “All I Want for Christmas is Cambro.” For legal reasons, we can’t discuss further, however, we can share with you a list of Cambro products that will delight all of the foodies on your list. Whether your loved ones enjoy creating crunch-worthy sourdough bread or finger-licking-good BBQ, we know exactly what they need for their culinary adventures in 2022.

For the Bread Winners

Almost everyone tried their hand at breadmaking during quarantine, and many people loved it so much that it became a permanent hobby. Making bread is a rewarding experience but it takes a lot of patience. From feeding the starter to letting the dough rise, having the right tools makes it that much easier.

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For home chefs making one or two loaves at a time, we suggest Camwear® or Translucent Rounds in 8qt or larger. We recommend using a clear or translucent material so that bakers can see what is going on inside their container. If your chef makes larger batches, our Poly Food Storage Boxes are ideal for kneading and stretching.


Camwear or Translucent Rounds in 8qt or larger are ideal for every pizzaiolo too! They can utilize their containers for mixing or proofing dough. For the pizzaiolo making multiple pizzas, Cambro Pizza Dough Boxes are ideal for proofing and storage; if your container needs to fit in a small or full refrigerator, a Camwear Pan and Seal Cover is a great alternative.

For the Grillmaster

Typically, grillmasters use disposable pans to hold meat, sides or to keep the grill from getting too messy. Using disposable pans every weekend is expensive and contributes a lot of waste to the environment. The High Heat H-Pan™ changes all that. Safe up to 375°F, High Heat H-Pans eliminate the need to constantly buy more pans and the waste caused by those pans. Plus, their material is easy to clean. When grillmasters try a High Heat H-Pan, they never go look back.

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After the meat is grilled, it’s very common to let it rest so that the juices are sealed inside. If meat is just left on the counter it will get cold, which is why grillmasters have been resting meat in their Cambro hot boxes for years. Heavy-duty units like the UPC300 or UPC400 are ideal for BBQ competitions and caterers, but for your weekend grillmaster at home, we suggest the Cam GoBox®. Lightweight and affordable, it’s one of the most popular hot boxes we offer.

For the Organizer 

A messy pantry does not bring us joy—and the organizer in your life would certainly agree. For the person who likes everything just so, we recommend CamSquares® and Camwear Rounds for bulk storage. Forget crumpled and rubber-banded bags of sugar and flour and pour them into Cambro storage containers instead. Everything kept neat and organized while increasing freshness and preventing contamination from critters. Available in 1qt to 22qt, there is a size for every bulk ingredient in their pantry.

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What’s even better than organized food containers? Organized food containers with labels. Stuff their stockings with StoreSafe® Food Rotation Labels to make it easy to know what’s inside each container. Our labels are 100% dissolvable and biodegradable to keep food safe from top to bottom.

For the Professional

If your loved one is a chef or caterer, getting new Cambro products will deck their halls! Professional chefs could always use more Cambro containers. We recommend heading to your local Cambro retailer to get them a gift card so that they can shop to their heart’s delight.

However, we understand wanting to wrap a present and watch your loved one tear it open with glee. With a logo shirt or sweatshirt, your chef can wear their love of Cambro right on their sleeves.


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