How to Elevate Your Healthcare Tray Meal Service

The appearance of your tray top sets the tone for your patients’ meal service. Old and ugly trays, domes and bowls contrast negatively against your delicious and thoughtfully prepared food. When your tray top is dingy, it doesn’t inspire much confidence in the care your patients are there to receive either. Terri Murray, Director of Hospitality Operations at Care Initiatives, wanted to sharpen their image by designing a functional yet attractive tray top.

“We had a lot of old products and we had a lot of old colors. We had facilities with unmatching things and there was no consistency across the 44 facilities and we had identified that our room trays just didn’t look professional,” said Murray.

All of Care Initiatives’ facilities switched to Cambro’s Healthcare system:

  1. Healthcare Trays

The Camtray® is the original healthcare tray. In 1951, American Hospital Supply Corporation approached brothers William and Argyle Campbell with a simple request. They needed trays that were lighter, quieter and easier to clean, but they still needed to be high-quality. Designed with fiberglass material, the Camtray was born. 70 years later, Camtrays have evolved into models with handles, non-skid material, decorative patterns and more.

Murray decided to outfit Care Initiatives’ facilities with Non-Skid Versa Camtrays and the Shoreline Collection in black.

“I love the way it looks. We went with the black tray that has some speckle gray, non-stick on it and then we put the black insulated base and dome on there and all the black insulated ware and the correct lids,” said Murray. “I think it’s top notch. I love the way it looks and I love the way it holds up.”

  1. Camduction® Complete Heat System

To use their black insulated bases and domes, Murray also purchased the Camduction Complete Heat System. The Camduction Charger heats up to 20 Camduction bases at once within 4 to 6 minutes—that’s up to 300 meals per service! When the heated base is combined with a properly heated plated and covered with a Cambro insulated dome, hot foods are maintained at safe temperatures for at least 60 minutes.

  1. Free Cambro products

Because Murray’s facilities use Disposable Camlids® with their mugs and bowls, they are eligible for Cambro’s Partnership Agreement Program. Every year, Care Initiatives will receive new mugs and bowls equal to 100 percent of their census because they have agreed to exclusively purchase and use Disposable Camlids.

“Everybody gets excited about some free goods, and I love the fact that every year we can qualify for some because years ago, products that were insulated would hold water and that was always a disaster. This gives us an opportunity to refresh annually with some of those smallwares,” said Murray.

From trays to domes to meal delivery carts, every Cambro healthcare product is intentionally designed to fit into the system to make your meal service appealing, efficient and safe. Contact your local Cambro sales rep to find the best products for your facility.


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