Pop Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Pizza?

You might love to make pizza, but we knead to know how much you actually know about it!  Take our How much do you know about pizza? Quiz and enter your information at the end to be entered to win a Camwear® Dough Box.

Did you pass our quiz like a true pizzaiolo? Check out these 4 Cambro Products Pizza Makers Can’t Live Without:

  1. Cambro Pizza and Delivery GoBags®: Constructed with dense, high quality insulation and sewn-in nylon straps, these durable bags provide superior temperature maintenance and moisture control. A hook and loop closure ensures a tight seal while still being easy to open upon arrival.

“It’s my drivers that really gave me the feedback on it, and [the pizza bags are] holding up almost just like new as we got them. The quality is top notch,” said Aaron “Bucky” Jaszewski, General Manager at Pizza Luce in Minnesota.

  1. Ingredient Bins: Constructed with NSF-listed, FDA-approved material, ingredients can be safely stored directly inside each bin. Utilize the sliding lid option to reduce handling and make it easier for employees to access each product. Cambro Ingredient Bins are designed to fit under standard worktables, immediately integrating into your current kitchen design.
  1. Pizza Dough Boxes: Designed to nest tightly and securely, Cambro Pizza Dough Boxes prevent cross-contamination while keeping dough fresh and crust-free. Cambro Pizza Dough Boxes are dishwasher safe, NSF listed and essential for every pizza maker.
  1. Camview Shakers: Camview Shakers are functional and attractive for use in the front and back of house. Color-coded lids are designed in multiple sizes to accommodate a variety of seasonings and toppings, allowing users to identify contents at a glance. Shakers are constructed with a crystal-clear, shatter resistant material to ensure safe, lasting service without the possibility of broken glass.

“I am a huge fan of the Cambro Camview Shakers. We use these in our BJ’s kitchens and I also use them at home — they are super versatile, inexpensive, durable, and dishwasher safe,” said Scott Rodriguez, Senior Vice President of Culinary & Kitchen Innovation at BJ’s Restaurants.


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