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10 Things You May Not Know About Cambro

You’ve used Cambro products your entire career, but how well do you know the company behind the plastic? After more than 70 years in business, there’s plenty of history and facts to learn about the foodservice brand that’s earned the term “iconic.”

1. What’s in a Name?

You’ve likely said the words “I need a Cambro” many times in your life, but many chefs don’t know that Cambro isn’t the name of a product–it’s a brand! The name itself comes from the founders of Cambro, brothers Argyle and William Campbell. They combined “Campbell” and “brothers” to create the name Cambro.

2. Trusted For Generations

Cambro Manufacturing opened their doors in 1951, selling a single product called the Camtray®. That makes Cambro older than Disneyland, Trader Joe’s, Holiday Inn and McDonald’s.

3. Cambro’s First Employee

After the Campbell brothers, Bud Chambers was Cambro’s first official employee. He was a cornerstone in helping build Cambro for 67 years. He started off sweeping floors and eventually climbed the ladder to become an integral part of the sales division of the company. Known as “The CamMan,” his laughter, passion and friendship were beloved by all of those who knew him. Chambers passed away in March 2018.

4. In Case of Emergency

For decades, benevolent organizations like the Red Cross and the Salvation Army have depended on Cambro’s heavy-duty insulated transport units. Durable and temperature retentive, relief organizations need equipment that is as tough as they are.

More recently, World Central Kitchen became dependent on Cam GoBoxes to help them prep and serve food to every corner of the world. GoBoxes have traveled on helicopters, planes and automobiles to get to those who need a hot meal after natural disasters, a pandemic and emergency events.

5. Iconic Red Graduations

The first Cambro Rounds didn’t have the graduation lines we have today. The reason why they’re so important is that they offer increased accuracy and efficiency and allow you to inventory its contents at-a-glance.

Today, we’re able to personalize Rounds and CamSquares® with your restaurant’s recipes to keep them consistent across multiple locations and new employees.

6. Classic Yet Innovative

Many people have depended on classic Cambro products like CamSquares and Camtainers® for decades, but our ability to steadily evolve and innovate is another reason why we stay ahead of the pack. Over the years, 3 products vastly improved on the standard of their time.

  • Camracks®: When it came on the scene, the Camrack was one of the few dishracks that was designed with closed walls. While the bold decision was met with skepticism, those who use Camracks love it for its ability to keep glassware clean and eliminating the need to rewash glasses.
  • Camshelving®: For years, foodservice employees had suffered in silence while using rusty metal shelving. Camshelving changed all that with its lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion and Camguard™, an antimicrobial protection that is permanently embedded into Camshelving shelf plates.
  • Camshelving GN Food Pan Trolley: If you work with food pans, you’ve likely used a sheet pan rack to transport them. After we saw how much space was wasted and how rusty and corroded the sheet pan racks were, we knew there had to be a better way. Enter the Camshelving GN Food Pan Trolley: rust-free, space-efficient and easy to clean.

7. Ordered in the USA = Made in the USA

When we say Made in the USA, we mean it. In fact, 99 percent of Cambro products sold to customers in North America are made in either California or North Carolina. At any given time, Cambro has 800 of their most popular products ready to be shipped anywhere in North America within two to three business days. Click here to read why Cambro Manufacturing is American Manufacturing.

8. Giving Back with Cambro Cares

Cambro is committed to supporting organizations that nourish our communities. We enjoy volunteering in-person at local organizations in California like Bracken’s Kitchen and The Ronald McDonald House and send products to help organizations across the US and abroad. Click here to nominate an organization near you.

9. Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Local restaurants are what make a place special and unique. Now more than ever, customers value when a restaurant knows their name and “usual” when they walk in the door. During Covid-19, we brought back our Business of the Week to shine a light on local businesses and share their stories. Click here to nominate your business!

10. Manufacturing Across the World

What started as a single factory in California, has grown into a global presence with production facilities and sales offices in Europe, the Middle East and Asia to better serve our international customers. No matter which facility they come from, Cambro products are all manufactured in the exact same way, with the exact same materials. Click here to meet Ken French, our International Sales Manager for South America and Oceania.

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