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GoBox is Essential for Salvation Army’s Disaster Relief

The Salvation Army has been utilizing Cambro insulated transport units for decades. When a disaster occurs, the Salvation Army sends out rapid response units to bring food to affected communities. It is imperative that meals are held at safe temperatures until they reach their destination. “That’s where Cambro comes into such importance for us,” said Jeff Jellets, Territorial Disaster Coordinator with The Salvation Army – Southern Territory.

Oftentimes, this is the only way people are able to receive a hot, home-cooked meal.

“The Cambros are absolutely critical. Without them, you could not keep hot food hot, cold food cold and you couldn’t get that service and delivery footprint that’s needed. Not everybody, especially in a disaster, can reach that kitchen point to get food. We rely on the Cambros after the food is prepared. Every day, we’re loading dozens and dozens of canteens with hundreds of Cambros that go out to the field to meet people at their point of need.”

While the Salvation Army still relies on their heavy-duty Cambro insulated transport units, organizers were immediately drawn to the GoBox® after it made its debut.

“We love [the GoBox] because it is much lighter and it gives you the same kind of capacity. For us as a nonprofit, it’s at a price point where it’s very affordable. They have been a huge help to us,” said Jellets. “All the compartments [of the new rapid response units] are engineered so that [GoBoxes] fit so we can maximize the amount of food we can bring to the scene. Every Cambro that goes out is at least another 100 servings.”

Although the were happy with their new GoBoxes, there was just one feature the Salvation Army wished was possible.

“The old [heavy-duty Cambro insulated transport units] had a hinge lid, so you didn’t have to completely lift the lid off all the time. You could flip it back and then scoop in there. It kept the food a little bit hotter,” said Jellets.

After Salvation Army, World Central Kitchen, American Red Cross and Southern Baptist Disaster Relief gathered together for a meeting to discuss strategy, Jellets contacted his Cambro rep and explained his hinged lid idea. By the next meeting, his rep had sent him a sample of the lid for them to try and review. A couple months later, the Cam GoBox Flip Lid was officially put into production.

“Cambro is a company that does such a great job in being innovative and giving us the right technology for what we need and also listening to how to make it better,” said Jellets. “It’s that customer service that’s really saying, ‘How can we make your job better or easier?’ that’s really the difference.”

Salvation Army – Cambro GoBox

Cambro is proud to support the efforts of organizations like the Salvation Army, World Central Kitchen, American Red Cross and Southern Baptist Disaster Relief. Do you work with an organization that is committed to nourishing your community? Click here to request a review of your organization’s needs.


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