How Healthcare Facilities Can Get New Cambro Products for Free Every Year

Many healthcare facilities have made it a priority to provide an attractive tray top presentation that makes food look more appetizing. Cambro is always looking for ways to support healthcare foodservice goals and responded by creating Cambro’s Partnership Agreement Program. Your healthcare facility can receive new tray top items, like mugs and bowls, equal to 100 percent of your census each year when you agree to exclusively purchase Cambro’s Disposable Camlids®. Sanitation and hygiene are always a top priority at healthcare facilities. Cambro is the only brand with NSF Listed Mugs and Bowls. Combined with Cambro’s Disposable Camlids, food and drinks are protected. Here’s how your healthcare facility can become a Cambro partner:

  1. Select Cambro Mugs, Bowls or Tumblers

There are several products that qualify for Cambro’s complimentary product replacement program, giving all types of healthcare facilities the ability to participate. First, choose from NSF Listed mugs and bowls from Cambro’s Shoreline or Harbor Collections or Newport, Laguna®, Colorware or Lido® Tumblers. Swirl Bowls also qualify. Cambro offers a range of attractive colors to fit the style of your facility.

  1. Exclusively purchase Disposable Camlids

Each month wholly purchase Cambro’s Disposable Camlids for your complimentary tray top items.

  1. Rise and Repeat

When your partnership comes up for renewal, Cambro will contact you to begin the process of replacing your existing Cambro tray top items. You also have the option of changing colors or choosing items from a different collection. Attractive, unblemished products contribute to the quality of the food you serve. Even a meal worth a Michelin star would be overlooked if plated on old, stained dishware. Healthcare facilities have been working especially hard to make food that is healthy and appealing to their patients and residents. Don’t let old tray top items impede those efforts. Cambro’s Partnership Program equips healthcare facilities with modern tray top items that support the presentation of their food.

It doesn’t get much better than Cambro’s Partnership Agreement Program. All you have to do is select quality, attractive tray top products, keep food safe and at temperature with Disposable Camlids—and you’ll receive new products every year as a reward. Need more information on this program STAT? Contact your local Cambro rep for full details.  


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