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4 Things We Learned about Delivery in 2020

After the coronavirus pandemic hit, it became clear that there were still a lot of things the restaurant industry needed to learn about delivery. Some restaurants started offering delivery for the first time, while others found pain points that had been previously overlooked. However, challenges breed opportunities—and we immediately looked at how we could solve the new problems the restaurant industry was facing. Things will continue to evolve, and us with it, but for now, here are four things we learned about delivery this year:

  1. To-Go Containers Need a Tamper Evident Label

Transparency is key. Customers appreciate when a business communicates about what is going on behind the scenes. It’s much easier to accomplish this when customers are seated inside the restaurant, but StaySafe Tamper Evident Labels allow you to push this message for to-go and delivery orders. When a customer receives their order and sees each to-go container is covered with a Tamper Evident Label, they feel confident that their food was packed and kept safe during transit. When a survey conducted by US Foods revealed that one in four food delivery drivers admitted to eating customers’ food, customers were understandably nervous. However, when the company asked customers how to fix the problem, 85 percent said adding tamper-evident labels would make them feel better. Adding a label on your to-go containers is a small yet effective way to show your customers that you are committed to keeping them safe.

  1. Versatile Equipment is Essential

Previously, some restaurants didn’t offer delivery, or they only offered delivery with large orders. Your business might not have been equipped with the tools to complete a successful delivery service. Now, it’s essential to have versatile equipment to keep orders of all sizes safe no matter where they are going. Cambro offers an extensive line of GoBags® to safely hold food at hot or cold temperatures. The newest product in the line, the GoBag Delivery Backpack, can be used in multiple ways. Drivers can wear it on their back for deliveries in urban environments or when carrying additional items, or they can use durable carrying straps to use it as a bag. Plus, an included divider allows menu items to be separated by temperature or by order. For quick, local deliveries, nothing beats the lightweight and versatile nature of a Cambro Delivery Backpack.

  1. Offering Drinks To-Go is a Good Idea

In most states before the coronavirus, you would have looked at a customer like they were crazy if they asked for an alcoholic beverage to-go. This year, many restaurants created cocktails specifically so that they could sell them to be enjoyed offsite. Nevertheless, customers expected to receive their beverages in the same condition they would in a restaurant. The GoBox Beverage Holder made this possible. Made from durable expanded polypropylene, the GoBox Beverage Holder maintains hot or cold temperatures for hours inside a Top Loading GoBox. Hot or cold cups sizes 8 oz. to 32 oz. fit comfortably inside each unit, significantly reducing the possibility of spills.

BONUS: Use Tamper Evident Labels on drinks too! The labels fit perfectly over each side of drink lids’ to ensure they aren’t disturbed during transit.

  1. You Need a Pickup Station

Remember the days where human interaction was encouraged? These days the less contact the better! Enter: Camshelving® Premium Series Flex Station. With five different configurations available, the Flex Station meets any take-out, delivery, and curbside staging need. Utilize Cambro food pans or food boxes with rails or shelf plates and dividers—or a mix of both! The Flex Station is your oyster. Constructed from Camshelving Premium Series, an antimicrobial protection is permanently molded into each shelf plate for increased safety. Customers can easily walk up to the station, find the bag with their name on it and be on their way. No contact necessary. If you need to keep your orders hot, we suggest adding a GoBox or GoBag to your unit for added temperature maintenance. This method of order organization makes it easier on both employees and customers. Employees can focus their time packing orders correctly and customers don’t need spend extra time waiting in line.

If you haven’t implemented one or more of these lessons, it’s not too late. The popularity of delivery, pickup and curbside won’t see a decrease anytime soon. Identify what your pain points are and find the solutions that will support success going forward. To find the best delivery products for your business, contact your Cambro rep today.


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