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Secrets of Camshelving: How Camguard Inhibits Microbe Growth

The coronavirus pandemic has created a renewed interest in thorough cleaning of frequently used surfaces. Whether you operate a restaurant, school, healthcare facility or hotel, your new top concern is keeping surfaces sanitized and as hygienic as possible. Using products that are made to inhibit microbes gives you the peace of mind that in its very nature it’s promoting food safety each time someone interacts with it.  Camshelving® Premium and Elements Series feature several design elements that make it the most sanitary shelving in the industry. Because shelf plates are molded with Camguard™ and designed to be extremely easy to clean, Camshelving Premium and Elements Series support maximum safety in your operation.

How does Camguard work?

Camguard is an antimicrobial protection permanently embedded into Camshelving shelf plates. Microbes that cause disease or fermentation are found everywhere in the environment. To survive, microbes need to find a surface rich in nutrients to attach to. Camguard creates a protective barrier on your Camshelving to discourage this from happening. Camshelving is so safe, some steakhouses put their meat directly on its shelf plates in their dry aging rooms.

Because Camguard is blended throughout the entire shelf, it will never wash off or deteriorate, even with nicks of scratches on the shelf plates. Camshelving is designed to be easy to clean by hand or in a dishwasher. Each piece of Camshelving can be wiped clean; shelf plates can be independently lifted off and run through a commercial dishwasher.

How can your operation utilize Camshelving?

Most foodservice operators are focused on heightening safety measures for their staff. With the amount of people that interact with shelving in the back of house, it’s important to consider how you will keep these areas as hygienic as possible. With a lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion, Camshelving can be utilized in all areas of your operation.  Ideal for freezers, coolers, walk-ins and dry storage, Camshelving promotes antimicrobial storage everywhere you need it. Working with especially limited space? Camshelving High Density Storage System is designed to maximize your storage capacity despite your space constraints. 

If you’re an operation offering curbside or takeout, Camshelving’s mobile option, Flex Stations, allows you to take your antimicrobial unit anywhere you need it. Takeout stations see a lot of people on a given day, but Camshelving provides a 24/7 sanitary solution that benefits both staff and customers.

Camshelving has been providing foodservice operators with hygienic, easy to clean and durable food storage for more than 20 years. The strength of Camguard makes it ideal for use in high-traffic foodservice operations like restaurants, schools, healthcare facilities and hotels. Visit or contact your Cambro rep to get started today.


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