Increase Sanitation, Sustainability with Revolutionary Camrack System

While handwashing and hygiene have been at the forefront in recent months, the cleanliness of glasses, dishes and equipment is just as vital. As restaurants continue to take the steps to reopen their dining rooms, effective warewashing could make you or break you. Cambro Camracks® are designed with closed outer walls to efficiently wash dirty items and provide protection to clean items afterward. From the time a glass rack is taken out of the dishwasher, there is the potential for contents to be contaminated. However, implementing the Camrack 4-in-1 warewashing system can significantly decrease this risk.

Sanitation is the priority in each step of the Camrack 4-in-1 warewashing system:

Efficient Washing: During washing, open inside compartments ensure thorough cleaning and drying. There is no need for a second run through the dishwasher or hand drying afterward. Instead, you’re left with glasses that are ready for service now—or later. Simply cover the Camracks and they’re ready for hygienic storage.

Sanitary Storage: Closed outer wall Camracks keep glasses, pots, pans, bowls, prep and display items safe from hands, chemicals, dust and pests when not in use. When Camracks are placed in a Camdolly and fixed with its Cover, the units are completely enclosed. The same Camracks you used to clean your items turn into a sanitary storage cabinet.

Inventory Control: Camracks have three ways to identify their contents without having to open the Cover. Leaving Camracks closed until service is the best way to guarantee its contents isn’t compromised by cross-contamination from the outside. First, Camracks are available in 10 base colors, allowing employees to find the right glasses by color-coding each type. If you need something that takes less memory, personalize your Camracks with hot stamping or Camrack Extender ID Clips. Hot stamping permanently labels the contents of your Camrack; Camrack Extender ID Clips snap onto the front and are interchangeable with 43 pre-printed options or a customizable option.

Safe, Sanitary Transportation: From back of house to the bar to poolside, anywhere you transport your dish racks welcomes the opportunity for contamination. When you grab a warewashing rack with open outer walls, it’s only natural to loop your fingers into the grooves to get a better grip. This natural movement also creates very unappealing fingerprints and potential spreading of bacteria. However, closed outer wall Camracks keep hands (and everything else) out during transport. Open your racks with confidence knowing they arrived safe, sound and without any tampering.

Sustainability: Even with the most efficient dishwasher, you will still end up wasting water re-washing glassware if you’re not washing and storing in Camracks. As concerns of exposed glassware to external contaminants become magnified, only a complete closed-wall warewashing system, like Cambro’s Camrack System, will give you the confidence that your items were properly cleaned—and stayed clean. That confidence prevents water waste and saves valuable labor and time that can be devoted elsewhere.

The coronavirus pandemic brought an intensified responsibility for foodservice operators to provide the highest level of hygiene. Using Camracks allow you to worry a little less by equipping your operation with the ultimate hygienic and sustainable warewashing system. Foodservice operations that follow the highest food safety protocols in every area of the kitchen ensure they are always doing the most to keep customers safe. Contact your Cambro rep to get started today. 


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