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Toronto Restaurant Group Selects Camshelving Elements Series for Huge Commissary Kitchen

The first Terroni concept, a small store selling southern Italian goods in the Queen West neighborhood in Toronto, opened in 1992. Nearly 30 years later, Terroni has grown into a restaurant group with 7 locations in Toronto and 3 in Los Angeles. Their latest venture, Terroni Sud Forno Produzione e Spaccio, is a 16,000 sq. ft. space made up of a commissary kitchen, caffè and storefront in Toronto.

When designing the space’s walk-in cooler and freezer, Executive Chef Daniel Mezzolo chose Camshelving Elements Series to be the foundation of their new commissary kitchen. With a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion, Camshelving Elements Series is the ideal shelving solution for temperature regulated storage areas.

“We just had this new project, a commissary kitchen where we produce everything for all the restaurants. We use all the Cambro [Camshelving], so everything was customized by Cambro and was great, fantastic. [Camshelving] is much better than regular shelving,” said Mezzolo.

All of the pasta, gelato, bread, pastries and basics, like stocks, in all Terroni restaurants are made from scratch daily. In order to have more control over the consistency of their ingredients across all locations, the commissary kitchen was born.  Every day, visitors sitting in Spaccio’s two-floor dining space can watch artisans make pasta by hand and pastry chefs making breakfast items like cornett and bomboloni.

“Whatever we have on the menu, we make from scratch at the commissary kitchen,” said Mezzolo.

Everything made at the commissary kitchen is then delivered to each Terroni concept. Their website states that “Spaccio acts as the backstage to the main show taking place between the tables at Terroni and Sud Forno.”

If you’ve ever been backstage during a production, you’d know it takes a lot of organization and efficiency to keep the audience from seeing all of the complications that it takes to run a successful show. Mezzolo and his team are able to focus their time and energy on their food without worrying about potentially rusty or corroded shelving impeding their process. Camshelving also gives them the peace of mind that embedded Camguard defends their food from mold, fungus and bacteria.

“We want to be a different level and with your [Cambro] product it’s much better. The owners, they love it,” said Mezzolo. 

In addition to Camshelving’s safety features, its shelf plates easily wipe clean or run through a commercial dishwasher. Plus, if Mezzolo wants to change the configuration of his Camshelving because of a delivery or new item, he can do so without completely taking apart the unit.

“First of all, [Camshelving] is easy to use, easy to build…to keep clean; less maintenance and it’s durable,” said Mezzolo.  “When you find some great product, it’s difficult to change. It’s quality value is there; I don’t even think about [going] to a different product.”

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