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Cambro Debuts Non-Rusting GN Food Pan Trolleys Constructed from Durable Camshelving

Cambro GN Food Pan Trolley

Transform the way you hold and transport food pans with the Camshelving® GN Food Pan Trolleys. Unlike many of the trolleys on the market, the Camshelving GN Food Pan Trolleys will never have failing weld points, dented frames, sharp metal edges, hard to clean corners, rust and corrosion or damage beyond repair.

Rather than using a sheet pan rack to hold food pans, the Camshelving GN Food Pan Trolley has been constructed specifically with food pans in mind. The result is a product that is stable, portable and easy to clean.

Made from strong composite plastic materials with heat-tolerant rails, the Camshelving GN Food Pan Trolleys can accept hot pans from an oven up to 390˚F (200˚C). Backed by a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion, every part of a Camshelving GN Food Pan Trolley can be replaced if damaged. The new trollies are available in half size and full size and accommodate either one or two full size pans per rail set.

“The kitchen production staff at Greenville Memorial Hospital love the new GN 2/1 Food Pan Trolley from Cambro. It holds enough hotel pans to ensure we have all needed production items in one location,” said Jason Desmond C.E.C. Chef Manager, Prisma Health at Greenville Memorial Hospital in Greenville, South Carolina.

The Camshelving GN Food Pan Trolleys are designed with premium plastic casters and structurally solid top and bottom frames. The result is a quiet, smooth rack that easily maneuvers anywhere. The GN 1/1 full and half size models will also support one 1/1 full-size food pan in the top frame to protect contents below or to create a light duty prep station on the half size trolley.

“Another benefit is the super smooth casters, making it easy to maneuver through a very busy production kitchen, without getting stuck on drains or cracks in the floor. We are very pleased with this product and will be ordering more to replace our current carts,” said Desmond.

Easily assemble all trolleys in just four steps using a rubber mallet. All trolleys ship knockdown complete in one box with casters and bottom frame wedges factory assembled on posts.


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