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Out with the Old, in with the New: Healthcare Facilities Choose Cambro

Antiques have their time and place to be special, but the kitchen at your healthcare facility is not one of them. When healthcare foodservice directors are looking to replace their old, outdated equipment, many need to do a complete overhaul. When deciding which products to choose, it’s important to remember that healthcare equipment is designed to work cohesively as one system. Cambro’s healthcare equipment works seamlessly together to make your kitchen both safe and efficient.

“I want to stick with the same continuity. I don’t want a mix mash…I just want the same thing,” said Cynthia Slaterus, Director of Dining Services at Solheim Senior Living. “I’ve never tried any other products, I stuck with Cambro. I know [other brands], I guess, but my heart belongs to Cambro.”

Slaterus started by replacing their old “archaic” metal food transport carts with Cambro’s Meal Delivery Carts and later changed over to Camracks, KD carts and Camshelving® Premium Series.

“My whole kitchen, everything spells Cambro,” said Slaterus.

When Trapper Welch, Operations and Cook Supervisor at the VA Medical Center in Prescott, Ariz., started his position nearly 10 years ago, he too wanted a brand that would be consistent throughout their kitchen.

“I looked at other vendors, but most notably I work with Cambro,” said Welch. “I wanted something that was consistent all throughout our kitchen.”

Welch’s first decision was to bring in Cambro’s Camduction® Complete Heat System and drying racks.

“The whole [Camduction] system brought us into a more modernized service. What we were using was an old system that used an induction and basically warmed up a whole entire tray and it was very old, it was outdated. It wasn’t efficient at heating and holding foods hot. We’ve actually improved our temperatures and patient satisfaction scores with [the Camduction].”

In addition to the Camduction, Cambro’s system supports coordinating bases and domes to keep food fresh and at the ideal temperature until it’s delivered to patients or residents.

Later on, Welch took it a step further and selected the Camtherm® Plate Heater to use in their facility.  

 “They’re built like a tank, really heavy duty and really heavily insulated. I like the consistent temperatures for the plates all throughout from the top to bottom,” said Welch. “They work very well. I see them lasting until the duration of their life cycle, they’re not going to fall apart.”

Both Slaterus and Welch made it clear that their Cambro rep was integral in finding the best solutions for their facilities. When asked why they didn’t try another other brand, their Cambro reps made just as big of an impact as the products did.

“I liked Jeff and Nick and I liked what they had to offer,” said Welch. Jeff Vermilyea and Nick Armstrong are both part of Power Rep Marketing Group, which represents Cambro in Arizona.

“I think it’s the relationship I have with [my Cambro rep] and the suggestions and recommendations that they have given me,” said Slaterus. “I’ve been very, very happy with The Fischer Group.”

Our reps are trained to identify the best solutions for your facility. Whether you operate a large hospital or a small rehabilitation facility, Cambro’s healthcare products are designed to support safe meal preparation and delivery. Contact your Cambro rep to get started today.


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