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5 Ways Personalized Cambro Products Benefit Your Back of House


Behind every successful foodservice operation is an efficiently run back of house. While it’s important that the front of house provide an excellent experience for customers, a large part of that satisfaction comes from what customers don’t see happening behind-the-scenes. We like to think “organized chaos” describes the ideal BOH—and personalizing a few key Cambro products can help support that sentiment exponentially. Check out how personalizing these six Cambro products can improve the communication among your BOH without saying a word:

  1. Keep Recipes Consistent

Consistency is a vital factor in the long-term success of any foodservice operation. Customers get used to the way your menu tastes, and they notice when something is off. Ensure these menu items stay consistent by personalizing the recipes on your Cambro Rounds, CamSquares and Measuring Cups. Consider this practice a secret weapon for those with multiple locations. You can’t be two places at once, but personalized containers with recipes are essentially little minions doing your bidding. Employees simply have to fill the ingredients to the line printed on the storage container and mix.

Bonus: Personalized recipe containers will reduce the stress on new employees.


  1. Decrease the Risk for Cross-Contamination

During a rush, the back of house can get chaotic. While food safety protocols should always be top of mind, it’s easy for employees to grab the wrong container when they are frantically trying to finish an order. Plus, depending on the menu at your operation, you likely have ingredients that customers are potentially allergic to. Make the contents of your containers crystal-clear by personalizing them with the name of the product. We suggest starting with commonly used ingredients like flours and shellfish that have the potential to cross-contaminate other products. Personalizing your container with “Shellfish only” ensures no other products come into contact with the contents of that container. As allergies preferences continue to be more prominent, you’ll be glad you took this extra step.


  1. Easily Identify Ingredients

Look at a shaker of salt and a shaker of sugar, can you tell the difference at first glance? Keep your customers from getting salty by personalizing your Camview shakers with each ingredient’s name. Buying in bulk is a great, cost-effective way to buy spices, flours and sugars, but transferring them to usable containers can make them get lost in translation. Personalized Camview Shakers take the guesswork out of the situation, allowing employees to work accurately and seamlessly.

  1. Manage Inventory Effectively

Camracks hot stamping

When you’ve got racks on racks on racks of Camracks, personalization goes the extra mile to keep glasses food safe and clean. The Camrack 4-in-1 Warewashing System was created to be used for efficient washing, storage, inventory and transport. Racks have closed external walls to keep fingers and contaminants out. Many operators use different colored racks to signify which type of glasses are inside their Camracks. Make it even easier for employees to know which glasses are inside which Camracks without compromising safety by personalizing them. We suggest hot stamping for operations that use the same types of glasses often. For those who change up their glasses depending on the event, we suggest Camrack Extender ID Clips. These clips are virtually unbreakable and allow operators to reuse wash racks for different types of glasses. With 30+ pre-printed options to choose from plus the ability to customize your own, every party will be clinking the right glasses.

Camracks ID tags

  1. Permanently Label Popular Mixes and Beverages

For catering and event operations that make their mixes and beverages from scratch each day, the Six-Gallon Beverage Dispenser is a must. Designed with a spout and sure-grip carrying handle, liquids can be mixed, transported and served in one container. Make it that much easier for employees by personalizing your beverage dispenser with recipe measurements or beverage names. Personalization ensures these specifications stay put through heavy usage and washing.

The smallest details can make a big impact. Contact your Cambro rep today to choose the personalized Cambro products that will most benefit your operation.


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