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French Concept Brings Savoir-Faire to California

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If you’ve ever tasted a fresh, warm croissant from a bakery in France, you’re likely being transported to that delicious memory right now. If you haven’t, it’s possible to get that same taste in the United States thanks to the Southern California French concept, Moulin. From the décor to the food, customers are treated to an authentic French experience without having to renew their passport.

Originally from Montmartre, Paris, Laurent Vrignaud established the first Moulin restaurant in 2014. Vrignaud and his chefs take great care and precision to make his memories and knowledge of France a reality for their customers.

Chef Jeoffrey“[Moulin] is a little bit of a French everything. We try to transcript the entire experience of what you can get food-wise as an experience in France. It goes from the early morning…getting a croissant, a coffee, a baguette, jam, butter…to the lunch where you can get a ham and cheese sandwich with a baguette that we made in the morning,” said Moulin Executive Chef Jeoffrey Offer.

Their most popular menu item is unequivocally the almond croissant.

“We sell out every day. We make more—we try to make more—I say try because quality doesn’t go along with quantity. So, we try as much as we can, but it sells out every day. And there’s every day somebody that asks, ‘why you don’t have any more?’” said Offer.

Now operating four locations across Southern California, Moulin depends on Cambro products to keep their kitchen running safely and efficiently. One of the standout Cambro products for Offer is the Camshelving in the walk-ins at their Costa Mesa location.

“My opinion on the shelving…it’s next level compared to the other [brands],” said Offer. “It’s easy to build, it’s easy to move around. Once it’s built, if you want to modify it, you can modify it without taking everything apart—without emptying the entire shelf, not knowing where to put it. It’s plastic, it’s plastic all over so it doesn’t rust. You can take out the little shelf [plates] and clean them.”

Moulin is expanding, with plans to open locations in Irvine and Dana Point. No matter which location you visit, Moulin promises to create “a lovely and inviting place for anyone who wants to enjoy a slice of France in the middle of Orange County.”

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