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Cambro Debuts Air Curtain Ultra for Healthcare


The new Air Curtain Ultra is designed to streamline patient tray assembly in healthcare operations. Cambro Manufacturing’s newest healthcare-specialized product is further proof of the company’s commitment to supporting patient meal service. The Air Curtain Ultra is a fully insulated cabinet that maintains consistent temperature and efficient cooling while providing easy access to items. Whether you’re offering tray-line or room service, this mobile refrigerator is perfect for storing cold sides, desserts, drinks and salads in your tray assembly area.

Designed as a 1/2 HP Hi-Torque condensing unit and multi-fan system, the Air Curtain Ultra keeps food at temperatures of 41˚F or below for up to two hours while the door is open thanks to its multi-directional cold airflow. The Air Curtain Ultra is equipped with advanced Digital Controls and an intuitive control panel to ensure its temperature is kept at a level that promotes food safety.

In order to meet the needs of different sized operations, the Air Curtain Ultra has two door options available. The first option is a flush mounted, stainless steel door that opens 270˚. This door is designed to stay open, allowing employees to easily access what is inside. The second option is a sliding space-saver door that opens 90˚ before tucking compactly into the side of the unit. This is the ultimate option to maximize service space.

ACU1826L000_B1RK_1119_s08Inside the Air Curtain Ultra, you will find tray slides that hold 10 full-size or 20 half size sheet pans with secure bottom support and 4.5″ standard spacing. Tilting tray slides allow cans and bottles to gently roll to the front for removal during service. On the outside of the unit, you’ll see a full perimeter bumper that extends beyond its doors and handles for added protection. Maneuver the Air Curtain Ultra with confidence thanks to a rear-mounted stainless-steel handlebar and recessed side hand grips plus two rigid and two swivel casters designed with brakes.

The Air Curtain Ultra joins Cambro’s extensive healthcare line including Drying Racks, Meal Delivery Carts, Camduction® Complete Heating System, Camtherm® Plate Heater and more. This new product is the next step in Cambro’s commitment to the healthcare market.


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