The Real Cambro: Food Pans and Lids

In a world full of imitators, it can be tempting to choose a product that looks like the real thing. However, cutting costs on a product your operation depends on day in and day out is the worst thing you can do.

Nothing compares to the real thing. What makes Cambro Food Pans stand out among the crowd? Durability, variety of materials, range of product sizes and lids for every situation make Cambro food pans an invaluable asset to kitchens across the industry spectrum. Learn how to spot the Cambro difference, that is if you haven’t already experienced it for yourself.

Camwear® Pans

It’s never just a food pan when it’s made out of Camwear. Food pans undergo an extremely high amount of use in every kitchen, making it that much more important to choose the right ones. Camwear Food Pans are designed to be virtually unbreakable and chemical resistant. Not only will they not dent or crack, they hold cold temperatures safely for prep stations, buffets and banquet service.  Available in Gastronorm sizes 1/1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/6, 1/8, and 1/9 and depths 2.5” to 8”, there’s a Camwear Food Pan for every need.

Another special thing about Camwear Food Pans is the wide variety of lids that are available to compliment them. Each lid was carefully designed and created to solve problems that other lids can’t!

G2G 108Camwear Food Pan Lids: This is the lid that does it all. Camwear Food Pan Lids are a must-have for their durability, preservation and efficiency. It is a basic food product right that each Camwear Food Pan should have a matching Camwear Food Pan Lid at the very least. Covering your food pans with disposable materials does a disservice to the food pan and its contents. Camwear Food Pan Lids allow your kitchen to be more efficient because they allow you to stack pans safely. Cross-contamination is also minimized because food pans are completely covered and when choosing the designs with a handle and a notch, employees are able to access pans’ contents without having to set the lid or utensils on any surfaces.

Seal Covers: Would you like your produce to stay fresh up to three days longer? Using Cambro Seal Covers, it’s possible! Designed with an inner seal that literally seals your food away from air and possible contaminants, Seal Covers have the power to keep delicate foods like guacamole from spoiling too soon. In addition, topping your Camwear Food Pans with a Seal Cover ensures contents are kept safe and secure while still being easy to access.

G2G 267

Camwear FlipLids®: Take your food safety a step further with Camwear FlipLids. Designed to keep food fresh, safe and accessible, Camwear FlipLids are ideal for prep tables and serving stations. FlipLids are extremely affective at reducing cross contamination opportunities while still making ingredients easy to reach. Using FlipLids keeps your tables clean, organized and professional looking. FlipLids are available in GN 1/2, 1/3, and 1/6 sizes.

Camwear GripLids®: Have you ever had liquid splash out of a food pan as you were carrying it? You should have covered it with a Camwear GripLid. Say goodbye to spills, drips and messy pans. The Camwear GripLid has a molded-in polyurethane gasket that keeps slippery food like soups and sauces locked-in while maintaining freshness, flavor and quality. GripLids are available in GN 1/1, 1/2, 1/3, and 1/6 sizes.

High Heat H-Pan

One pan to rule them all. The High Heat H-Pan goes from prep to freezer to oven to service—using just one pan. Cambro’s H-Pans are safe for use in temperatures from 40°F to 375°F (-40°C to 190°C). Thanks to their heat tolerance, H-Pans can be used in microwaves, steam tables and ovens. Their versatility reduce cross-contamination and clean up at the end of the day. Unlike metal pans, they won’t conduct heat away from your food or dent on their exterior. Available in GN 1/1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/6, 1/8 and 1/9 solutions, every kitchen needs High Heat H-Pans—and, for those who have been paying attention—every type of Cambro food pan has a matching lid:

H-Pan Lids: Keep food safe throughout the entire process by adding a High Heat H-Pan Lid. Made of the same high heat material, lids are safe from -40°F to 375°F (-40°C to 190°C). There are three design options: Flat Cover, Cover w/ Handle, & Notched Cover w/ Handle. No matter how you’re using your H-pans, there’s a lid to support it.

30HPLN150_A1RK_0619_s02H-Pan FlipLids: We’ve already told you the Camwear FlipLid is a league of its own, but the H-Pan FlipLid turns up the heat. Accessing hot food on a serving line carries a few potential cross-contamination issues, but the H-Pan FlipLid takes away virtually all of them. Because this lid safe for microwaves, steam tables, and heated carts, there is no reason to have to remove it. Employees simply lift, serve contents and replace lid. Take it a step further with the notched FlipLid, which allows utensils to stay inside the container when not in use.

High Heat H-Pan with Handle

This specialized product is very important for operations that use product holding units. One distinctive feature of Cambro’s High Heat H-Pan with Handle is the it is designed with a flat base to ensure it receives maximum contact with the heating element. Its reinforced textured handle includes a finger grip for easy removal.


Translucent Food Pans

30PPCWSC190_A1LL_0915_s07Cambro’s Translucent Food Pans and Translucent Lids bring an economical option without compromising quality. Made with a non-stick smooth interior, you’re guaranteed to get a better yield and save on waste. Food pans are clear enough to see inside while being chemical and impact resistant. We especially suggest these food pans for prep stations and while transporting in Cambro Top Loading Food Pan Carriers.


We found a way to prevent certain foods from spoiling by adding two products to our existing Cambro food pan lines. We made both of these accessories available in Camwear, High Heat and Translucent materials so that the option is available no matter what line to choose. By adding a Colander Pan or Drain Shelf to your food pans, the life of your food could increase significantly:

G2G 248a

Colander Food Pan: Rinse, drain and defrost meats and produce with the help of the Cambro Colander Food Pan. Simply insert into your food pan to drain liquids away from food and into the pan below. When you’re ready, food is sitting undisturbed in the Colander Food Pan prepared for prep. Colander Food Pans are available in sizes GN 1/1, 1/2, 1/3, and 1/6 and compatible with Flat Covers, Covers with Handles, and Notched Covers with Handles.

High Heat H-pan Colander

The H-Pan Colander Pan ensures that hot, steamed, battered, and crisp foods stay that way! These high heat pans protect consistency during steaming, reheating, and hot holding by allowing condensation and drippings to drain away.

Drain Shelf: Have you ever found a food pan full of mushy tomatoes, a product of their own self-destruction? Prevent prepped produce from spoiling by adding a Cambro Drain Shelf. Drippings are kept safely away from food, leaving them fresh and flavorful. Drain Shelves are compatible with all Cambro lids and available in sizes GN 1/1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/6, 1/8 and 1/9.

Find a retailer or contact your local Cambro rep to get the Cambro food pans and lids you need today.

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