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When brothers Argyle and William Campbell founded Cambro Manufacturing in 1951 in Huntington, Beach, Calif., they created a single product to solve a problem in the foodservice industry. Nearly 70 years and more than 14,000 products later, Cambro is still a family-owned company focused on creating foodservice solutions in the USA. Because of their commitment to American manufacturing, 99 percent of Cambro products sold to customers in North America are made in the US. Cambro is the preferred brand name for everyone from the biggest fast food brands to the startup caterer who has finally saved enough money to start their dream business. Cambro has and always will be Made in the USA.

Commitment to Food Safety and Foodservice

Our “why”: Providing efficient, food safe products for the foodservice industry. Since Day One, our goal has been to design products for foodservice professionals that make their jobs safer and easier. StaySafe PNGCambro’s very first product, the Camtray, was created as a solution for hospital operators who were unhappy with their meal delivery trays. Their metal trays were too loud; operators requested a tray that was quiet while maintaining the highest quality possible. Since then, Cambro has developed more than 14,000 products to support the needs of the foodservice industry, many of which have been able to solve problems that were previously unsolvable. Whether you operate a massive Hilton property or a humble bed and breakfast, Cambro products are made with your needs in mind. Every Cambro product is designed to provide efficiency, value and food safety.

“Nothing is more important to us than making sure that the food being stored, prepared and served reaches the customer safe and pathogen free,” said Argyle Campbell, President of Cambro Manufacturing. “Consumers and operators are forgiving of many things. One thing they are not forgiving of is food safety issues.”

Buy with Confidence

Like all things related to foodservice, the end result is only as good as the ingredients and processes that go into its production. Cambro only sources the highest quality FDA-approved materials for all of its factories across the world and in the US. When you purchase a Cambro product, you have the confidence of knowing you are getting a high-quality item that has been developed under strict US regulations and undergone rigorous testing. Cambro is especially stringent when it comes to product consistency. Cambro products are all manufactured in the exact same way, with the exact same materials. Any products that are not up to Cambro standards are immediately set aside to be recycled or discarded. CertificationsCambro goes above and beyond to achieve special certifications to further proof the quality of its products. Cambro has an ISO certification from the International Organization for Standardization, a nonprofit organization that works with more than 160 nations to regulate industry standards. This certification signifies Cambro has an enviable level of quality management that aims to achieve customer satisfaction. One reason Cambro customers are so satisfied is because the vast majority of Cambro’s food contact items are NSF-listed. An NSF listing on a foodservice product ensures that it won’t leak harmful chemicals into food, is cleanable and isn’t likely to harbor bacteria. In addition to being food safe, Cambro has created many electric products that have earned certifications based on their energy efficiency:

  • ETL: If a product has an ETL mark, it means that it passed the safety certification program at ETL Intertek and complies with North American safety standards.
  • Energy Star: A product with an Energy Star certification is guaranteed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants caused by the inefficient use of energy.

Breadth of Products

Cambro’s strategic focus on the foodservice industry has allowed us to develop solutions that uniquely address the challenges of each sector individually. If you’re a caterer, you might know Cambro from their superior insulated transportation units. If you’re a healthcare operator, you’re likely familiar with Cambro from their trays and meal delivery systems. If you’re a nutrition director at a school, you likely utilize Cambro products to help kids eat more nutritious foods. Over the years, Cambro has developed these products and more to address specific needs for foodservice professionals in each industry. Many products are designed to work together to help the operator be as successful as possible. The foodservice industry’s trust in Cambro products have allowed them to both grow in size and scope.

“We understand that when a foodservice operator uses our products, they trust them to perform. That trust is based on consistent performance for nearly seven decades,” said Campbell.

Nevertheless, quality is kept paramount in the creation of all new products. Cambro enforces strict goals for accuracy in the parts per million range. Cambro will continue to design products that address and create impactful solutions for storage, sustainability and transport for the foodservice industry.

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Expedited Product Delivery

Cambro is committed to providing products to their customers as quickly as possible. Each day a foodservice operator has to wait to receive their products makes a difference. Cambro made and distributed their products from California for more 60 years when they decided they could better serve their customers with a facility on the East Coast. In 2015, Cambro expanded to North Carolina with the creation of a manufacturing and distribution facility. After just a few years in operation, Cambro doubled the size of the facility to a total of 500,000 sq. ft. to better accommodate demand. Cambro’s presence on the East Coast gives foodservice operators the tremendous benefit of having a designated support staff and an even shorter product delivery timeframe. At any given time, Cambro has 800 of their most popular products ready to be shipped anywhere in North America within two to three business days.

Supporting Our Communities

Cambro Cares is a multifaceted program that supports organizations committed to nourishing their communities. CC logo pngOn a local level, Cambro employees donate their time volunteering with nearby organizations throughout the year. Nationwide, Cambro partners with organizations that make an impact in their communities by providing food, education and resources. In addition, Cambro partners with a number of organizations that assist with disaster relief, such as the Red Cross, Operation BBQ and World Central Kitchen. The unmatched durability and heat retention of Cambro products makes them ideal for transporting hot meals to affected areas all over the world.

Creating Jobs for Americans

Cambro is proud to employ more than 600 American citizens in our manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and corporate offices. When you buy a Cambro product, you have the satisfaction of knowing it was made by an American working in safe conditions who is earning an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work. Cambro is able to consistently offer more jobs to Americans thanks to the millions of Cambro customers across the US.

In addition to employing Americans, Cambro also sources the materials for their wide range of products from companies within the US. Buying US-made products allows more jobs for Americans to be created and sustained so they can provide for their families.

Cambro Manufacturing is proud to support the American foodservice industry during times of triumph and adversity. Cambro will continue to dedicate their focus to the foodservice industry in order to inspire food safety and enable foodservice operators to be more efficient and profitable. Foodservice professionals have relied on Cambro for 70 years, and Cambro is committed to supporting them for generations to come.


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