Food Safety Must-Have: Cambro StoreSafe Rotation Labels

storesafe label on macaroni

While many things in foodservice are changing, the importance of food safety is a mainstay.  Correctly labeling prepped food is a small task that produces big rewards. Use this time of transition to really hone your food safety practices and fill in the spots that have been previously ignored. Improperly labeled food is one of the most common food safety violations we see on health inspector reports. We explain how Cambro’s StoreSafe Rotation Labels are designed to make identifying and relabeling containers safe, quick and effective:

  1. Increase Food Safety

We’ve observed a variety of labels on food pans and storage containers in professional kitchens, but the only way to guarantee you’re labeling your containers safely is to use professional grade labels. Common tape might seem harmless, but after you take it off, a sticky residue is left behind that can potentially harbor bacteria, increasing the risk for cross-contamination. Food borne illness was never something you wanted to happen in your restaurant, and it’s especially dire that you avoid it now. With customers’ easy access to social media and restaurant review websites, you can’t afford to have a food borne illness tarnish your reputation. Utilize Cambro StoreSafe Rotation Labels to keep food storage containers safe from lid to label. StoreSafe Rotation Labels are made from food safe materials and don’t leave anything behind after they’re gone. At a time when bacteria is the absolute last thing you want in your restaurant, StoreSafe Rotation Labels decrease the chances of bacteria growing on your food storage containers.

dough with label

  1. Save Time

If you’ve ever tried to scrub off the tape residue off a container, you know it’s no easy feat. And if you’re being honest, how often do employees actually get all the residue off? It is highly likely residual residue is still on the container when a new layer of tape is being put on. Now is the time to stop the cycle of bad food storage. StoreSafe Rotation Labels dissolve completely in less than 30 seconds through the dishwasher or under running water. Yes, you read that right, completely in just 30 seconds! Plus, StoreSafe Rotation Labels are microwave and freezer safe, allowing you to use them anywhere.

storesafe label on seafood

  1. Decrease Waste

You never wanted to waste food but using everything you purchase is even more advantageous now. Keeping FIFO allows employees to use what’s been prepared first, but it’s hard to do that when containers aren’t properly labeled. Busy employees can easily forget to write a detail, but Cambro StoreSafe Rotation Labels do the thinking for them. Each label has pre-written lines for the item, date, employee initials, use by date and day of the week. It’s more difficult to ignore writing the correct information when the prompts are staring you in the face. Properly filled out labels will keep the kitchen organized and decrease the amount of prepped food that has to be thrown away. In addition to food waste, StoreSafe Rotation Labels decrease the amount of paper waste you’re contributing because they are 100% biodegradable.

Complete the mise en place in your kitchen with food safe labels on every food pan and storage container.

From now through August 31, 2020, purchase three cases of Cambro Food Pans or Storage Containers and you’ll get a free 250-label package of StoreSafe Rotation Labels. Click here for full details and redemption.


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