Pro Cart Ultra Shows Its Worth by Safely Delivering Emergency Meals


Safe food transportation has become one of the most important parts of foodservice during the coronavirus pandemic. Millions of people depend on getting their meals made and distributed by schools, healthcare facilities and correctional facilities. These foodservice operators had to immediately change the way they distribute food. Lt. Tim Thielman, Foodservice Administrator at Ramsey County Corrections, found himself having to navigate how to serve their inmates in addition to being contracted to provide food to people staying in a nearby shelter.

“I got tasked with providing foodservice for one of the community quarantine shelters, actually two of them. They haven’t opened the second one yet, but we’re preparing to,” said Thielman. “[The shelter] is setup for mostly homeless population during this time with the Covid-19…they either have it, been diagnosed with it or are showing symptoms.”

The shelter is a 10-minute drive from the correctional facility, but without the proper insulation, the food’s temperature during loading, driving and unloading could drop into the Danger Zone. Thielman began looking for a way to safely transport both hot and cold meals.

“I was really interested in [the Pro Cart Ultra] and I’m really happy with them. They’re really solid carts,” said Thielman. “I really like the refrigeration on it, I love the temperature gauges that are on both the hot and the cold [compartments].”

The Pro Cart UItra has the capability to hold hot foods in one compartment while maintaining cold foods in the second compartment. Plus, you can transform your unit to hold all hot foods or all cold foods with additional, optional passive or electric modules. Whether you’re holding hot or cold food, it’s maintained at safe temperatures for at least four hours thanks to its thick CFC-free insulation.

Thielman was so happy with his Pro Cart Ultra units that he purchased four additional carts after using his original two units for just a few weeks.

“We load [the Pro Cart Ultra units] both up every day with hot and cold meals and anything else they need, a crate of milk or whatever, and they get loaded up on a truck and shipped over there,” said Thielman.

In addition to providing food to the shelters, Thielman has also been using his Pro Cart Ultra units to transport meals to a nearby juvenile corrections facility. Previously, Thielman had been using Cambro insulated transport units that he purchased back in 2009.

“They’ve had a good run for all these years,” said Thielman. “When I purchased those old ones, I assumed that I was probably going to a lot of those heaters that attach into the door. When I purchased those, I purchased probably at least 15 of those heaters and I still have all of them, I think I may have changed one.”

Thielman is looking forward to using his Pro Cart Ultras to support special events for employee recognition and volunteer appreciation when they’re able to resume.

The Pro Cart Ultra is built with a rust-proof and dent-resistant exterior for lasting service. This unit is ideal for foodservice operations that serve a variety of meals from chilled to piping hot. Contact your local Cambro rep to learn more about how the Pro Cart Ultra can support your operation.


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