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ICYMI: Cambro Blogs that Defined 2019


Cambro had another fantastic year of new products, shelving showcases and solutions for a variety of problems chefs face every day. Cambro enjoys making products and content that chefs can utilize in their daily lives and for those important circumstances when the only answer is Cambro. We rounded up some of our favorite blog posts from the year that touched on multiple hot topics:

  1. Wisconsin School District Creates Award-Winning Farm to School program with local produce, animals

During National Farm to School Month, we shined the spotlight on schools that had exceptional Farm to School programs. One of the most impressive programs we found among our school foodservice contacts belongs to the School District of Holmen. Within 11 years, the School District of Holmen farm to school program went from buying a single type of local fruit to growing, buying and managing a variety of local produce and meat products. Their program has even been recognized in publications and beat out many local restaurants to win “2019 Best Of La Crosse County” for Farm to Table in the “Places to Eat” category.

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  1. Cambro Versa Work Table Creates Efficient School Breakfast Service

Carolyn Barnes, Foodservice Director of Newberry County School District in South Carolina, set out to find a way to serve her students more proficiently. Like many schools across the US, Barnes says they used to pack breakfast items in individual coolers and serve students in the classroom. This method can work well for smaller schools or ones with less participation, but all the schools in NCSD offer Universal Free Breakfast and distribution was taking too much time. After switching to Cambro Versa Work Tables – Ultra Series, Barnes said, “The work tables are mobile, so our staff could just roll them down the hall and create a serving line by the classrooms where the kids could come and grab what they wanted.”

  1. Cambro Lids to Solve Your Most Common Food Storage Problems

One of Cambro’s core food safety principles is that every food pan needs a lid. Although chefs are always using our Camwear® Food Pans, we often see them covered with disposable materials or completely uncovered. These practices leave food susceptible to spills, cross-contamination and spoilage. We offer a variety of lids to keep these dangerous situations from happening to your food. Whether you’re constantly fighting with plastic wrap or consistently seeing food spoiling too fast, we have the right lid to solve your problems.

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  1. Cambro Products Catering Businesses Can’t Live Without

We strongly believe our products speak loud, but our customers experiences with them speak louder. Hearing how and why our customers love our products inspired us to create this blog. We asked a handful of Cambro-addicted catering businesses to explain how they use their products and why they’ve continued to use them for so long. Whether you’re starting a catering company or looking to revamp your equipment, we guarantee these customers will tell you exactly the kind of products you need to be successful.

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  1. Cambro Manufacturing Debuts First of its Kind High Heat Measuring Cups

We were extremely excited about launching our revolutionary High Heat Measuring Cups—and it looks like everyone else was too! It’s no surprise considering there wasn’t anything like it until now. The High Heat Measuring Cups withstand temperatures ranging from -40˚ to 375˚F (-40˚ to 190˚C) thanks to the same heat-tolerant, food-grade material that’s used in our High Heat H-Pans™. Use them in commercial microwaves, ovens and dishwashers and with liquids, oils or sauces without worrying about cracking or shattering.

  1. CamHacks: 6 Secret Uses for Cambro Products

One use for an incredible product is great, but two uses is even better. We create some Cambro products with more than one use in mind, but we often see new uses created by Cambro fans themselves. We designed our Camtainer to be a beverage dispenser, but later on we saw another opportunity, ran with it and the Handwash Station was born. When it comes to Cambro fan created CamHacks, we’re always seeing cool new ways to use our versatile products. Check out six of our favorite secret uses for Cambro products that might help you and your business.

  1. OKC Schools Double Breakfast Participation with Cambro Flex Station

A school’s breakfast success can be determined by three factors: convenience, selection and budget. When using Cambro’s Flex Station, school foodservice operators can accomplish all three goals with just one product. Every school wants to increase their breakfast participation, and one school district in Oklahoma was able to more than double their numbers with the help of Cambro’s Flex Station. Angelica Martinez, nutrition specialist with the district, said, “[We like] the flexibility that we are able to provide more healthy meals to our students and reach more [students].”

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  1. Schools increase access to fresh produce

Many school foodservice operators find it difficult to encourage students to take advantage of healthy choices in the cafeteria. Lisa Kendall, Director of Food Nutrition Services at Thompson School District in Loveland, Colo., has seen a positive increase in students’ healthy eating habits by making fruits and vegetables more accessible, and by increasing the quality of food in the cafeteria. Today, TSD has salad bars in every single one of their 34 sites; almost all of them are Cambro Versa Food Bars.

“We’ve seen interest peak among kids. Kids that had salad bars in elementary expect to see it in middle school or high school too. We’ve seen that kids that are introduced to fruits and vegetables early are more likely to keep this eating habit when they are older,” said Kendall.

Blog 8

  1. 6 Cambro Products You Need at Your Next Outdoor Event

Outdoor events can present a challenge when you have limited or no access to electricity, a sink or temperature regulated equipment. All of that coupled with extremely hot or cold weather can seem downright impossible—until you remember there’s Cambro. The top concern at any outdoor event to keep food and beverages at the ideal temperature and away from the danger zone. These six Cambro products take care of the logistics so that you can focus on the food!

  1. Texas Middle School Designs Sleek Cold-Holding Share Table

After a child nutrition director at a middle school in Texas noticed that students were taking mandatory food items, but later throwing them away, she decided to start offering a share table. Students can place their unwanted food or drinks in a cold-holding share table and if there is a student who would like to enjoy it, they can pick up a little something extra. “Maybe they have special circumstances where their appetite is stronger or they just need to eat a little bit more,” said Perez.

Share tables are especially beneficial in communities where students rely on school meals for most of their nourishment.

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