Cambro Products Catering Businesses Can’t Live Without

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Catering is a tough but rewarding job. From preparing your food to transport to service, there are a lot of moving parts. The right equipment can make or break your business, and caterers have trusted Cambro with jobs big and small for years. We rounded up the most essential Cambro catering products and talked to some of our most loyal fans about why they can’t get enough:

  1. Ultra Pan Carriers

UPC300: Cambro’s UPC300 holds three full-size, 4-inch-deep food pans and holds hot or cold food for at least four hours without electricity. Because of its superior insulation, compact size and heavy-duty exterior, the UPC300 is extremely popular with caterers. The UPC300 has plenty of room for small jobs and easily fits inside vehicles of all sizes. When it comes to big jobs, UPC300 units interstack and are easy to wheel around with a CamDolly.

Photo: @chefmatthewbaker
Photo: @chefmatthewbaker [instagram]
 “Cambro has been my trusted food transport equipment since I started my company in 2000. Not only do they have a pristine reputation in this industry, I have come to find them to be extremely reliable for all types of food transport: soups, meats, vegetables, etc. The food kept in the Cambros stays incredibly hot, giving me peace of mind when transporting to events that aren’t just around the corner,” said Chef Matthew Baker, Founder of Feast on This Catering in San Diego.

Baker currently owns 10 Cambro insulated transporters for food, 10 insulated transporters for coffee and borrows more from friends with catering businesses when he has bigger events.

UPC400: This unit is similar to the UPC300, but is slightly larger. The UPC400 holds four full-size, 4-inch-deep food pans and has a vent cap on the door to help release steam and pressure inside the unit. Though slightly larger, the UPC400 is still very compact and easily stacks on top of other units. If you’re used to transporting large portions of food, this carrier is the right one for you.

“I’ve been in the food entertainment business for 27 years. Cambro brand is the only brand that will hold up under travel issues that food holding equipment gets put through,” said Carl Lewis, Owner of Carl and Chelle’s in North Carolina.

Photo: @carl_the_cook
Photo: @carl_the_cook [instagram]
PROTIP: Need to keep food hot for an extended period? Try our Heated Pan Carriers (UPCH400 or UPCH800)! Their energy-efficient heated doors allow you to keep food hot and safe for as long as needed.

  1. Cam GoBoxes

Cambro’s line of Cam GoBoxes is changing the game for caterers everywhere. High-tech expanded polypropylene material makes these boxes affordable, durable and lightweight without compromising insulation and food safety. Cam GoBoxes keep food hot or cold for at least four hours during holding or transport. These products come in a variety of sizes and are ideal for caterers looking to lighten the load for their employees. Giavanna Deus, owner and head chef of EmpaMamma’s Signature Recipes in Fort Lee, New Jersey, relies on her Cam GoBox Front Loader to keep food at the ideal temperature no matter what obstacles get in her way.

“My company provides corporate catering to the Northern New Jersey and New York City area. Keeping up with high demand leaves no room for unreliable food transport. The Cambro GoBox is easy to access, seals tight and maintains temps for hours, which is necessary when there are multiple orders to deliver,” said Deus.

“My GoBox allows for easy lifting in and out of my vehicle, onto my catering cart, through the streets of NYC, up and down freight elevators and straight to happy customers when their orders are received warm and ready to eat from my NJ Catering Kitchen! No matter the weather. I couldn’t do it without Cambro!”

  1. Camwear Food Pans

Disposable pans can be tempting to use because they are inexpensive and easy to clean up, but investing in quality reusable food pans will save you money in the long run and reduce the amount of waste you contribute to the environment. Cambro food pans allow you to store, transport and serve all in one pan that will not crack, bend or dent. Plus, when used with a Cambro Seal Cover, pans stay air tight and keep food fresh until service. If you need the pans to stay heated, H-Pan High Heat Pans can be used in ovens up to 375 degrees. Increase the overall professional look of your presentation by switching to Camwear Food Pans.

  1. Insulated Beverage Servers

Caterers have been depending on Cambro’s insulated beverage servers since their inception. These extremely durable units work hard to keep your beverages hot or cold for at least four hours. We’ve gotten many reports for coffee still being hot 24 hours later! Camtainers are popular fixtures in both the front and back of house, but if you’re looking to step up your look for special occasion catering, the CamServer gives off a professional vibe without surrendering temperature retention.

“I have been in the hospitality industry since I was 13 and Cambro has always been my go-to for any storage or serving needs. Cambro’s hot beverage servers are by far the best quality and most reliable in the industry! We’ve used them for catering to the Northern California fire victims’ shelters, major corporate events and catering to 1000 to 3000+ people at a time and we have complete confidence that Red Whale’s Coffee products will be delivered hot, fresh and maintain the integrity and quality that is expected. We also love that the servers are available in red!” said Sean Boyd, CEO and Founder of Red Whale Coffee in San Rafael, CA.

Photo: @redwhalecoffee
Photo: @redwhalecoffee [instagram]
  1. Handwash Station

Last, but certainly not least, is Cambro’s Handwash Accessory. Compatible with multiple Camtainer and Ultra Camtainer models, Cambro’s Handwash Accessory allows you to have a safe supply of liquid soap, paper towels and water to wash your hands no matter where you’re cooking. Whether you’re catering an outdoor festival or a venue without a sink nearby, Cambro’s Handwash Accessory complies with food safety protocols and exudes a clean work environment.  Catch waste water by putting a separate Pail with Bail underneath the unit.

Get your catering company outfitted with the very best to provide the very best service possible. Contact your Cambro rep or visit to receive more information about the products mentioned in this article.


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