Cambro Lids Solve Your Most Common Food Storage Problems

One of Cambro’s core food safety principles is that every food pan needs a lid. There are many advantages to using Camwear® Food Pans, but without a lid, food is left susceptible to spills, cross-contamination and spoilage. Cambro offers a variety of lids to keep these dangerous situations from happening to your food. Choosing the right lid is instrumental to keeping your food at its best. We identified some of the most common food storage challenges and the best Cambro lid to resolve them:


Flat Covers

If you’re looking for a simple and smart lid, look no further than the Camwear Food Pan Flat Covers. While it may be the most straightforward of Cambro’s lids, it is anything but basic. camwear food pans black flat coverThese lids protect food from drips, spills and contaminants while keeping food fresh. When used with food pans in coolers, Camwear Food Pan Flat Covers allow pans to be stacked on top of each other for space efficiency. The days of poorly stacked metal pans covered in plastic wrap will soon be far behind you.


Seal Covers

Cambro’s Seal Covers are recommended for every kitchen. Seal Covers get their name from the inner seal designed into the cover. This design provides a tight fit on Camwear Food Pans to keep food fresher longer and protect against multiple food safety scenarios, like cross-contamination. Plus, these lids will reduce the likelihood of spills during prep, storage and transport. When you’re ready to serve the contents inside, simply lift the thumb tabs on each corner for easy removal. Stop fiddling with plastic wrap and extend the shelf life of your food for up to three days.

seal covers on food pans

PROTIP: Seal Covers are also available for Camwear Rounds and CamSquares.



The Camwear FlipLid is one of those products that will make you say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” The FlipLid is the perfect combination of food safety and ingenuity. A small handle on top of the lid allows you to easily flip it up, access its contents and flip it back down. Cross-contamination is decreased significantly because the lid is never removed from the pan and placed on a potentially contaminated surface. FlipLids further simplify the serving process by offering a design with a notch to keep utensils inside the food pan.  Whether food is being served on a food line or at an event, FlipLids are an upgrade you won’t regret.




GripLids are the best security money can buy. This lid “grips” the inside of a food pan to create an airtight seal, ensuring not one drop escapes. If you’ve ever cautiously opened your Cam GoBox®, worried that one of your disposable pans may have sprung a leak—this is for you. Every catering business should have these in their arsenal in order to safely transport soups or food in a sauce. GripLids will give you a peace of mind that you wish you could have in every aspect of your life.


Cover with Handle & Notched Cover with Handle

When serving food, Camwear Food Pan Cover with handle or handle and notch protect food while allowing you easy full access to the food pan’s contents. Employees can easily grip the handle to lift the cover, stir its contents and replace the lid. notched cover - stock imageWhen a Notched Cover with Handle is selected, utensils can stay safely inside food pans and away from potentially contaminated counters. Using these Camwear Food Pan Covers, food will no longer fall into surrounding pans and utensils will remain with the correct dish.

BONUS: Looking for a lid to handle high-heat situations? Cambro’s Flat Cover, Cover with Handle, Notched Cover with Handle and FlipLids are also made in an H-PanTM version that can withstand temperatures up to 375˚F.

Ready to ditch the wrap? Learn more using Cambro’s Fit Factory tool on the Cambro App or contact your Cambro rep.



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