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Getting pizza delivered for a party is a tale as old as time, but when Papa John’s franchisee Jarvis Young was asked to cater pizza at an event for at least 850 people, he immediately realized their usual method of delivering pizzas wouldn’t be enough.

The University of Southern California was holding a youth leadership conference and organizers placed an order that would need to feed 850 to 950 participants and volunteers. Young and his wife, Josslyn, co-operate their Los Angeles, Calif., Papa John’s location. They accepted the order and immediately began figuring out the logistics it would take to make the delivery a success.

Their day-to-day pizza delivery bags only hold four extra-large pizzas or five large pizzas; it would be almost impossible to transport the amount of pizzas they needed at the same time. Young set out to find pizza bags that could handle more pizza boxes at a time and that would arrive in time for the event. After striking out with multiple companies, Young was connected to Cambro.

He was able to order and receive the 10 capacity Cambro Pizza Delivery GoBags just in the nick of time—the day before the event.

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“The [Cambro Pizza Delivery GoBags] came in handy and did their job,” said Young. “They have handles on them which makes it easy to maneuver. You can literally carry one bag in each hand, so I was carrying about 22 extra-large pizzas at a time.”

Young and his team were able to complete the order with just three deliveries out of his one store. He says he wouldn’t have been able to be that efficient without the Cambro Pizza Delivery GoBags.

“I’m big on when the pizzas come out of the oven, they’re cut and then packaged, place them directly in the bag and when we get 10, right away and we don’t open up that bag until it gets to the customers,” said Young. “I’m really big on maintaining the amount of heat.”

Thanks to the superior heat retention provided by the Cambro Pizza Delivery GoBags, and Young’s staunch practice of keeping the bags closed after loading, pizzas were delivered in peak condition.

“When [the order] arrived…the pizzas had steam coming out from the bag and the boxes. The customer was obviously happy,” said Young.

He’s used other bags in that past maintain heat up to 40-45 min. “The Cambro bags, based on the material, they can do closer to an hour.”

Now that Young is equipped with the delivery bags that can handle special orders, he’s found they’ve come in handy more than once.

“I’ve used them three or four times already. We’ll keep maybe one or two in the store, just for random orders. If we have a UFC fight or big basketball game or people are ordering for large parties,” said Young.

He’s also used his 10-pizza capacity Pizza Delivery GoBags for a large order placed at his daughter’s school. The new bags have encouraged him to look for more large orders and his next goal is to coordinate a hot lunch school program.

Expand your delivery capabilities with Cambro Pizza Delivery GoBags. Available in sizes that hold two to 10-pizza boxes, there is a Cambro Pizza Delivery GoBag that will fit your operation. Check out our Cambro Pizza Delivery GoBag Selector Tool and Contact your Cambro rep today to get started.

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