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CamHacks: 6 Secret Uses for Cambro Products

BlogHeaderAs if you needed another reason to love your Cambro products, we have some CamHacks to get you double the use out of them. Some products are created with more than one use in mind, but often we see new uses created by Cambro fans themselves. We chose six of our favorite secret uses for Cambro products you may not know about:

  1. Camtainer turned Handwash Station

HWATD Handwash w 500LCD CamtainerThe Camtainer is one of the most popular and recognizable Cambro products because it works for virtually every type of foodservice operation out there. If you have a Camtainer, you most likely use it to hold coffee, punch, iced tea, or water. With a temperature retention of at least four hours, the Camtainer is an essential for every operation. What you may not know, is that the Camtainer is can be turned into a completely different product by adding one accessory. Instantly turn your Camtainer into a handwash station by attaching Cambro’s handwash accessory to its top. Equipped with paper towels and soap, bring your Camtainer to outdoor events to keep your hands clean during cooking and service. This handwash station allows your to consistently follow food safety protocols no matter where you go.

  1. Salad Bar turned Topping Bar

Cambro salad bars are typically used for, well, salad! But, as schools try to appeal to more students, foodservice operators are getting creative. For example, Charleston County School District has turned their salad bars into “Toppings Bars.” Students can load up their nachos with tomatoes, olives, cheese and more. Nutrition Services Officer Sarah W. Bates says they were looking for a way to speed up their line service. The new bars allow students to quickly get through the line and serve themselves optional items afterwards.

topping bar salad bar 1

  1. Camshelving turned Dry-aging Room

Camshelving Premium Series is most commonly used to hold food boxes, food pans and dry goods in the back of the kitchen. However, a handful of steakhouses have found a new use for this durable, rust-free shelving: dry-aging rooms displayed in the all-important front of house. Because of the antimicrobial protection permanently molded into shelf plates, chefs feel comfortable putting expensive, high-grade meat directly on top of the shelving. When they need to clean shelf plates between shipments, they easily wipe clean or run through a dishwasher. Plus, Camshelving’s clean and never-changing appearance makes it ideal to be put on display.

Dry aging room credit Robbie Mezanava Deacon's New South Nashville

  1. Ultra Pan Carrier S-Series turned Portable Ingredient Station

The Ultra Pan Carrier S-Series is designed to hold Full or Half Size Camwear Pans to make it easier to transport large quantities of food. This carrier is can also be perfectly portioned by smaller Camwear Pans to create an ingredient station. Food Truck Do Your Wurst uses the Ultra Pan Carrier S-Series and Camwear Food Pans keep bratwurst toppings fresh and organized. Pizza Porta used their Ultra Pan Carrier S-Series with Camwear Pans to create a place to store their pizza toppings during an outdoor food event. If you need to extend the holding time of your ingredients, add a Camchiller underneath your food pans.

toppings in UPC S Series

  1. CamSquare for Sous Vide

The CamSquare is most utilized in kitchens to store all types of food. Made of virtually unbreakable Camwear polycarbonate, its crystal-clear walls make it easy to see exactly what is inside. For both reasons, the CamSquare has become extremely popular for use in sous vide cooking. To use with sous vide, attach an immersion circulator to the side of the container and drop in sealed meat, vegetables or other foods. Using a clear container versus a solid one allows users to see the progress of their food. Sous vide’s low and slow cooking process is perfect for CamSquares as they withstand up to 210°F.

sous vide container

  1. Flex Station: Endless Possibilities

Originally created to make Grab-N-Go feeding programs easier for schools, the opportunities are endless with the Flex Station. The Camshelving Flex Station system is built with the same reliable materials as the rest of the Camshelving line. Designed with Premium casters with a locking option, the Flex Station can be moved wherever you need it. Angled divider bars are compatible with Full Size and Half Size Camwear Food Pans or Camwear Food Boxes to create different sections throughout the system, or you can add shelves for expanded capabilities. These varied designs have enabled operations to make a designated delivery station, an area for customers to pick up to-go orders and a variation of a drying rack.

Delivery Flex Station

Do you have a secret use for a Cambro product that wasn’t mentioned above? Let us know in the comments! Contact your Cambro rep or visit to receive more information about the products mentioned in this article.


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