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3 Things You Need to Know about Food Delivery Today


If you’re not already in the delivery game: go directly to Jail, do not pass Go and do not collect $200! In all seriousness, if you’re not taking advantage of delivery, we highly suggest you do. Not only is the trend growing, it’s on its way to cementing itself into the industry for good. While delivery is referenced most often in articles, off-premise dining as a whole presents a huge opportunity for foodservice operations. Off-premise includes delivery, takeout, drive-thru, catering, food trucks and more. According to Restaurant Business, off-premise sales now account for 38 percent of restaurant sales, or $198.7 billion.  So, how can you develop an off-premise operation to keep up? Here are three things you need to know today:

  1. Consistent Food Quality

The most important thing an off-premise operation must accomplish is keeping food consistently fresh and delicious. If your food isn’t the same when it arrives at a customer’s door as it is when it arrives at a customer’s restaurant table, there will be problems. No one wants cold food, no matter where they are. This can seem like an extremely difficult and incredible challenge, but there are Cambro products to help your efforts. Cam GoBags and GoBoxes have superior insulation to keep food hot during delivery or while you’re waiting for it to be picked up. Camwarmers or Camchillers are available to add an extra layer of security during multiple drop-offs. Cam GoBoxes are durable and lightweight to make it easier on employees during catering orders.

Both Cam GoBags and GoBoxes are designed to encourage order accuracy. GoBags have a clear plastic pouch and GoBoxes have a built-in label area to ensure the right order gets to each customer. There is almost nothing worse to a customer than receiving the wrong order, especially when it’s been delivered. In a restaurant, the error is still regrettable but easily fixable. With off-premise, the error is magnified and could cost you that customer’s business. Keep orders organized and stress less with Cambro products’ identification features.


  1. Embrace Innovation

With new operations come new techniques. Adopting an everchanging state of mind will help your off-premise operation reach its highest success. For example, you may have containers to pass out to customers to take their leftovers home. Most likely, these containers will not translate to your off-premise food orders. IHOP developed a particularly innovative container that keeps eggs and meat in a separate area from pancakes to keep food from getting soggy (this supports their food quality efforts too). Another innovative idea some restaurants are adopting, is a designated pickup area for mobile orders.


  1. Do Your Homework

To Go Container SolutionRushing into any off-premise operation can start you off on the wrong foot. First, what kind of off-premise dining would be best for your business? Caterings for events and to businesses in particular are on the rise and that may be a great way for you to test the waters. If you’re looking into delivery, identify the positives and negatives of doing delivery on your own versus through a third party. There is a reason there are so many options on the market right now and it’s important to thoroughly research them before deciding. Restaurant Business points out Church’s Chicken as a positive example of a restaurant that took its time—in fact they spent a full year studying the logistics of entering a third-party delivery operation. Once you decide what kind of off-premise operation you’re going to implement, set yourself up with the right tools. After finding the best to-go container for you, visit our To-Go Container Tool to find out which size GoBag or GoBox will fit your containers best.

Whether you’re setting up off-premise dining for the first time or looking to make some adjustments to your current one, focusing on these three things will help kickstart progress toward a successful operation. The sky is the limit when it comes to this rapidly developing revolution in the food industry! For more information on the products mentioned, contact your Cambro rep or visit


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