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Your Delivery Operation Needs These 4 Cambro Products

One of the biggest food trends of 2018 was delivery. In 2019, the evolution of delivery is far from over. If you’re still on the fence about bringing delivery to your operation, or still struggling with finding success in the delivery operation you’ve started, Cambro is here to encourage your success. Although the delivery business can be complex, many Cambro products can simplify the process and make your life easier in the long-run. Read on to find the best Cambro products to make your delivery operation a success:

When customers receive their food at a restaurant, they expect it to be at the ideal hot or cold temperature. The same expectation has been transferred to delivery. To make your delivery operation as successful as possible, you must be able to keep your food consistent. Although that expectation is challenging, it isn’t impossible. Cambro has developed a variety of insulated transport solutions to keep food hot or cold depending on your needs.


Cambro’s line of GoBags take away the anxiety of diminished food temperature. Each GoBag is designed to keep food hot, fresh and safe during transport. Cambro GoBags are constructed with a vinyl interior that provides extra-strength insulation, heavy-duty sewn-in straps and thick, sturdy fabric that is easy to clean. Find the right size GoBags for your business based on the size of your to-go container by using our To-Go Container Solution.

2. Cam GoBoxes

From the Cam GoBox with strap to the Cam GoBox® Top Loader Large Handle Carrier, this line has something for every delivery operation. Smaller GoBoxes are perfect for deliveries straight to the customer, while larger GoBoxes are ideal for hot or cold holding before it’s time to deliver. Cam Boxes are extremely light and affordable. Made with high-tech expanded polypropylene material, Cam GoBoxes are consistent with the same insulation and food safety customers have come to expect from Cambro.

3. Gel Packs and Thermal Pads

Sometimes it makes more sense to make multiple deliveries during one trip, rather than having to come back to the restaurant in between. Cambro GoBag Gel Packs and thermal pads help extend your holding time and increase temperature retention during these situations. Cambro GoBag Gel Packs can be microwaved to aid hot food or frozen to keep food chilled. Non-toxic and available in three sizes, these gel packs are a no-brainer. Cambro’s thermal pads can be used in a variety of ways. When delivering both hot and cold foods together, simply insert a thermal pad in between the two containers to keep the temperatures from affecting each other. If you’re in a pinch and need to deliver a small order in a larger GoBag, insert a thermal pad to reduce the space inside the bag and keep the container’s temperature stable.

4. Camshelving Flex Station System

The Camshelving Flex Station is the ideal way to add a delivery assembly area to your kitchen. After starting with a foundation of Camshelving Premium shelving, customize it by combining a mix of divider bars, food pans and food boxes and flat shelf plates to keep all your to-go materials organized. Casters on the bottom of the system make it easy to maneuver and clean. We suggest storing commonly used condiments and utensils in food pans for easy access. The top and bottom shelves are perfect for storing GoBags, GoBoxes and to-go containers.

Support your delivery operation with these essential Cambro delivery products. For more information on the products mentioned, contact your Cambro rep or visit


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