Find the Right Delivery GoBox or GoBag for To-Go Containers

To Go Container Solution

More and more people are turning to the ease of delivery. Wendy’s recently reported around 40 percent of their North American restaurants are offering delivery to keep up with customer demand, according to Nation’s Restaurant News. Panera Bread launched their delivery last year and proved their commitment to the service by hiring more than 3,500 people nationwide.

“The consumer has an appetite for convenience and we have seen this through our delivery economics,” Todd Penegor, Wendy’s president and CEO, told the website. “Average check sizes have been 1.5 to two times higher on delivery orders and we continue to see incrementality and customer repeat…”

One challenge of delivery is keeping food hot and fresh from kitchen to customer. Cambro offers the largest variety of food transportation solutions, from GoBags, GoBoxes and insulated transporters.

Cambro’s To-Go Container Solution allows you to input the dimensions of your to-go containers and how many boxes you need to transport, and within seconds the tool displays how many containers fit in either GoBags or GoBoxes.

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To-Go Container Solution Webpage

Step By Step

  1. Choose inches or centimeters
  2. Input the width, length and height of your to-go container
  3. As an option, put in the number of to-go boxes you’ll be transporting
  4. Depending on the weight and contents of your to-go containers, choose GoBag or GoBox.
  5. The results page explains how many to-go containers fit in each product. From here, you can request a quote.
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To-Go Container Solution Webpage

Get on the road sooner with Cambro’s To-Go Container Solution; also available on the Cambro App.

About the Author: Adriana Desiderio is the Digital Content Manager at Cambro.


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