First-of-its-kind Can Rack System Efficiently Stores #10, #5 Cans

#10 Can Shelving at Mission 11

Cambro is bringing the next generation of can storage with the debut of its Ultimate #10 Can Rack. The front-loading, gravity-fed system supports first in, first out organization and food rotation with no need to move the rack for loading or unloading. Cambro’s Camshelving® provides stability and support as the base for the can racks.

The Ultimate #10 Can Rack is completely customizable. Foodservice operators can configure exactly the amount of can storage space they need, from a Full-Size Rack Unit with three tiers for high-volume can storage to individual shelves utilizing bottom or middle shelf space. Foodservice operations that already use 24” deep Camshelving® have the option of adding can racks to their current units and can racks can be incorporated into a Camshelving® system using shared posts.

Each single can rack holds eight #10 cans, with a total of 96 cans fitting in a Full-Size Can Rack Unit. Additionally, the unit holds 12 #5 cans in a single rack, with a total of 144 cans fitting in a Full-Size Can Rack Unit. The Ultimate #10 Can Rack system keeps cans organized, easily accessible and off the floor thanks to Cambro’s revolutionary construction and design.

As with all Camshelving®, there is a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion. Made from strong composite plastic that will never dent, bend or break, the Ultimate #10 Can Rack can be cleaned with a damp cloth or disassembled to be run through a dishwasher.

Visit for more information on the new Ultimate #10 Can Rack or contact your local Cambro rep.


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