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Cambro’s Magnificent Seven: Storage Items Every Restaurant Needs

Rounds Mixing Catering School

Just like every good movie with an ensemble cast, each member of Cambro’s Magnificent Seven has a specific job that makes it an individual—and especially valuable to the rest of the group. Alone they are great, but together they are excellent:

  1. Rounds

Translucent Rounds on Kitchen TableAny food service operation that needs to mix ingredients and store liquids needs to have a good stock of rounds. Most commonly used for soups, stocks and sauces, rounds allow for uniform stirring and translucent versions easily show the level of incorporation achieved. Plus, the container’s round shape naturally encourages air circulation when stored in a walk-in or freezer.

  1. Squares

Don’t waste an inch of precious real estate when using Camsquares. When storing ingredients in dry storage or a walk-in, increase your space usage by 33 percent by choosing square shaped containers. The squares, topped with Seal Covers for secured freshness, are easily and safely stacked on top of each other. Cambro’s signature red, green and blue covers allow operations to color code their products for easy identification. With the rise of allergen issues and preferences, Cambro also offers its Camsquares in allergen-free purple to eliminate any potential ingredient mix-ups.

  1. Colander pans

G2G 252Do you want to save time and keep your food fresh? Colander pans are a no-brainer! Small holes in the top pan allow condensation and drippings to drain into the pan below. The result: prepped food that stays dry, increasing the time produce stays fresh and vibrant. Colander pans are also perfect for defrosting meat and storing seafood on ice without the sloshy mess. Seafood lays neatly on ice while melted water drains below. When you’re ready to drain, simply lift the colander pan up and pour out the accumulated liquids. Learn more about how to save your greens.

  1. High-Heat Pans

The H-Pan is the member of the group that can truly do it all. Withstanding, transforming and adjusting to a variety of temperatures, the H-Pan expands cooking capabilities and reduces unnecessary handling. Food can go from prep to cooler to oven to hot holding – all -in the same pan. They’re microwave safe too. These special pans are so versatile, they can go into temperatures from -40ºF to 375ºF. Cambro offers matching lids, drain pans and colander pans to round out their H-Pan family.

  1. Camwear® Pans

Camwear® pans work hard so you can worry about the other 100 things happening in your kitchen. Camwear® pans are durable, meaning they don’t crack, chip, break or bend. These pans keep food as cold as stainless-steel pans at half the cost. Numerous types of lids allow pans to be even more versatile. We have you covered with: handles, notches, flat tops, grips and flips.

  1. Seal Covers

G2G 267Speaking of covers! We want to shine the spotlight on our Seal Covers, in particular. Seal Covers have a special inner seal that keeps the top secure, preventing liquids from leaking out and air from getting in. That’s the whole point of covering your pans isn’t it? Cambro Seal Covers keep air out so that food stays fresher longer and has an extended shelf life. Another added benefit of using Seal Covers is a significant reduction in cross-contamination. Nothing is sneaking inside a container with a Seal Cover. Despite their security, Seal Covers are very easy to remove thanks to the thumb tabs at each end of the lid.

  1. Storesafe® Food Rotation Labels

Style: "STUDIO"Safely store food and accurately track inventory with Cambro’s Storesafe® Food Rotation Labels. The labels are biodegradable and dissolve in under 30 seconds under running water or in a dishwasher. Unlike masking tape, there is no sticky residue left behind. These residues can harbor bacteria and attract insects, so Storesafe® labels decrease the likelihood of foodborne illness and cross-contamination. Utilize these labels to maintain First In, First Out protocols easily and efficiently.

BONUS: Cambro Ingredient Bins

 One way to ensure fresh and pest-free bulk ingredients is to store them properly. Cambro’s ingredient bins are easy to maneuver and come with a clear sliding lid for quick identification and increased food safety. An S-Hook on the front keeps your scoop from getting buried underneath the contents inside the bin.

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