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Increase Revenue from School Snacks with Cambro’s Flex Station

School Blog headerIncrease participation in your school’s cafeteria without reallocating employees or creating a longer wait for kids to get through the line. Cambro’s Flex Station works smarter and not harder to give you improved flexibility and visibility.

Food Service Director Dana Plant with Windsor Public Schools in Windsor, Conn., adopted the Flex Station at schools in 2017. Before the Flex Station, they used a mishmash of display items they received for free to showcase their a la carte snack offerings.


“When I saw the Flex Station, I thought it had the ability to have high visibility to students with a small footprint to display products that we sell on our snack line,” said Plant. She says they’ve received positive feedback from students saying they like being able to see their snack options.

In addition to streamlining the process for students, Plant says they purchased the Flex Station with an increased sales goal in mind. “The sales did increase with the use of the Flex Station because we are able to offer more variety and visibility of snacks,” said Plant.

“The sales did increase with the use of the Flex Station because we are able to offer more variety and visibility of snacks.” – Dana Plant, FSD Windsor Public Schools

Not only did sales increase, the Flex Station also prevented lost revenue from a section of the cafeteria that attracts a lot of volume. “If the snack person calls out sick, the Flex Station can be rolled up to the cashier and she can both serve the student and ring the student up at the register. Prior to using the Flex Station, if the snack server was out sick we had to close the snack line down,” said Plant.


Aside from the monetary support the Flex Station has provided, Plant says their favorite part about the unit is that “it is portable and can move right into the storeroom to reload or to lock-up at the end of the day.”

The Flex Station is a versatile unit that be transformed into a variety of ways for use in any foodservice operation. For more information about the Flex Station contact your Cambro rep or visit



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