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6 Cambro Products You Need at Your Next Outdoor Event


Warmer weather is on the horizon and that means you’ll likely be preparing food for outdoor events. Whether you’re catering food at an outdoor venue or competing in an event, warm temperatures can present a challenge. One of the top concerns is keeping food and beverages at the ideal temperature and away from the danger zone. Many Cambro products were designed for this specific purpose. Check out the six Cambro products you need for all the sunny days ahead:

  1. SlidingLid Ice Caddy

Tim loading ice caddyCambro Ice Caddies are the ideal product to hold ice because they’re designed with a recessed well and drain shelf to keep ice away from water. This separation extends hold times and allows ice to stay frozen for days. Casters and molded-in handles make caddies easy to maneuver and transport. SlidingLid Ice Caddies also work perfectly for holding cold packaged beverages. Alternate layers of ice and beverages to keep them cold for during your event and beyond. Cambro’s SlidingLid Ice Caddies are available in models with a holding capacity from 100 to 200 lbs.

  1. Camtainer

Water is extremely important during the summer. Keep staff and customers hydrated with Cambro’s Camtainer. Using a Camtainer ensures beverages will be kept at the ideal temperature for at least four hours. On a hot day, cold water is extremely appreciated and a great feature to have where you’re serving. Looking to give your customers some homemade iced tea or lemonade? Camtainers can hold a variety of cold beverages too! Camtainers are available with holding capacities between one gallon and 12 gallons.

  1. Handwash Station

When you’re out at an event underneath a tent without a sink in sight, how are you going to wash up? Some states have health codes that require a handwash station at your prep area when you’re setting up food. Enforced or not, seeing a handwash station shows customers that food safety is a priority for your business. We’ve seen a variety of makeshift sinks, but Cambro has an easy, well-designed solution that will last for years. Set aside one of your Camtainers, attach Cambro’s handwash accessory and you’re done! See how easy it is to use:

  1. Tumblers

Cut down on the use of disposable cups and eliminate safety concerns by switching to Cambro tumblers. Cambro offers a variety of tumblers depending on the type of drinks you’re serving. For wine and cocktails, we suggest our Huntington tumbler. They have a slick design that elevates your service past the traditional disposable plastic cup. For the look of glass without the risk, try our Newport or Lido tumblers. Both models can be personalized to further increase brand awareness. During transport, all of Cambro’s tumblers stack for compact storage, or save time and increase food safety by keeping tumblers in Camracks before and after use.

Lido tumbler

  1. Ultra Pan Carrier

Cambro’s front-loading Ultra Pan Carriers are products that last for years. Available in two sizes, UPC 300 and UPC 400, Ultra Pan Carriers keep food at the ideal temperature for at least four hours. These durable pan carriers hold either hot or cold depending on your needs that day and have the option of adding a Camchiller or Camwarmer for longer temperature retention. When it’s hot outside, Cambro’s Ultra Pan Carriers give you a peace of mind knowing that food will be held exactly how you want it.

  1. GoBox Top Loader

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly insulated transport option that delivers high-quality results, the Cambro GoBox Top Loader is for you. Lightweight, durable and temperature retentive, this model allows you and your staff to easily transport your food to remote locations. For operations that serve and transport large amounts of food, combining a few Ultra Pan Carriers with a larger amount of GoBox Top Loaders is ideal. The manageable price tag allows operators to purchase the correct number of insulated transport units they need without breaking the bank.

EPP Top Loader

PROTIP: Save time and space by serving directly out of your GoBox Top Loader. The unit is designed to allow you to take off the top and immediately get your customers what they’ve been waiting for!  

Equip your operation with the right tools before the busy outdoor event season begins. For more information about the products mentioned, contact your Cambro rep.

About the Author: Adriana Desiderio is the Digital Content Manager at Cambro.

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