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Cambro’s Top 10 New Products in 2019


One of our main goals each year is to produce innovative solutions for problems in the foodservice industry. In 2019, Cambro more than 10 new products. All of these products could be used in multiple foodservice sectors and a few of them were the first of their kind. When our engineers think about new products to design, one of their biggest sources of inspiration come from Cambro customers. When you talk, we listen. Check out 10 of the most impactful new products Cambro released this year:

  1. Service Cart Pro

The Service Cart Pro is a multi-purpose mobile solution for applications in both the front and back of house. The Service Cart Pro is useful as a hydration or coffee station in the front of house and to transport products throughout different areas in the back of house. For example, Joe Grella, Chef and Owner of Presto Craft Kitchen and Custom Eats and Sweets in Manchester, New Hampshire, uses the Service Cart Pro to move freshly made pies from their kitchen to a truck where they are transported to another location.

service cart 2“There is no greater set of wheels! This thing takes 125 pies with no complaints, eats door jams for breakfast leaving product unharmed and works as an amazing functioning buffet station for any luncheon/catering drop-off…this is the cart I never knew I needed, and you probably need one too!” said Grella.

Constructed with ergonomic, recessed handles in both ends of the cart, the Service Cart Pro is easy to maneuver with a smaller footprint. Each of the cart’s shelves feature raised ridges to protect its surface against heat. Made with durable polyethylene and a total weight capacity of 600 lbs., the Service Cart Pro is built to last.

  1. Compact Adjustable Dish Caddy S-Series

What’s something foodservice operations never have enough? Space. One of the easiest ways to create more space is by decreasing the size of your equipment. We designed the new Compact Adjustable Dish Caddy S-Series with that goal in mind. The Compact Adjustable Dish Caddy maximizes performance without taking up extra space thanks to a smooth surface, rounded corners and an ergonomic design. The caddy has open sides with two molded-in top handles and recessed handles on all four sides. Hidden handles and all swivel casters speed up loading and unloading and make it easier to move in and out of tight storage areas. In addition, the Compact Adjustable Dish Caddy’s size and uncompromised capacity allow operators the option to store more caddies and dishes in the same space or keep the same quantity of storage and utilize freed up, valuable space for other uses.


  1. Cam GoBox Milk Crate Box­­

Got milk? Easily transport cold milk across campus and into classrooms thanks to the new Milk Crate Box. Pack, transport and distribute milk boxes all with one product. The new Milk Crate Box allows foodservice operators to insert a standard-size milk crate full of cartons straight into the box. Made from expanded polypropylene material, milk stays at the ideal temperature for at least four hours. If you’d like to extend your holding time, insert a ½ GN Camchiller inside the box before inserting the milk crate. After staff is finished distributing meals, any remaining milk cartons are still neatly stacked inside the crate.

  1. Cam GoBox EPP180XLT

The Expanded Top Loading Cam GoBox is a product directly influenced by Cambro customers. After the debut of the highly successful Cam GoBox Top Loader (EPP180), we received feedback that some customers found it difficult to reach their hands inside the EPP180 model to lift out delicate disposable pans. Although we highly suggest using Cambro Food Pans and Seal Covers with the EPP180, we understand that sometimes it’s just not possible and disposable pans are what our customers need to use. The new EPP180XLT model has extra width, length and height for those who need a little extra room to get their pans out. BBQ Pitmasters using the EPP180XLT to rest large pieces of meat can have the peace of mind that they’ll be able to easily reach inside and lift food pans out without worrying about tipping or spilling.


National Barbecue News had this to say about our new EPP180XLT: “Our tests proved these new GoBox units will hold more and longer then [sic] they advertise. We put over 60 lbs. of pulled pork in our box and it only dropped eight degrees over three hours.”

  1. High Heat Measuring Cups

MCCH150_A1CL_0419_s02There’s nothing we love more than introducing a new product that is completely different than anything in the marketplace. The new Cambro High Heat Measuring Cups are a revolutionary foodservice product made from the same High Heat material utilized in Cambro’s H-Pans™. They won’t crack or shatter during regular use and are safe for use in commercial microwaves, ovens and dishwashers. These special measuring cups are 75 percent lighter than glass measuring cups and are designed with a molded in handle that stays cool to the touch. Cambro’s High Heat Measuring Cups are safe for use with hot liquids, oils or sauces thanks to their heat-tolerant, food-grade material that withstands temperatures ranging from -40˚ to 375˚F (-40˚ to 190˚C).


“A true cool handle on this heat resistant measuring cup from [Cambro]. Perfect for melting chocolate in the microwave for a little chocolate work,” said JT Walker, Executive Sous Chef with Legends Hospitality.

  1. Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack for Single Shelf

At the very end of 2018, we introduced another revolutionary product: the Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack. Made from reinforced, high-impact plastic material, the Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack is durable, lightweight and carries a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion. This year, we took it a step further and introduced the Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack for Single Shelf. It’s the first-ever plastic sheet pan rack designed for single shelf installation. Use it to defrost, stage, hold or cool down food products while maximizing storage in walk-in coolers, freezers and work prep stations—and it does all that without rusting.


The Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack for Single Shelf is designed with 3″ (7,6 cm) rail spacing and holds up to 6 full size or 12 half-size sheet pans. Using an end load design, the Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack for Single Shelf features heat-tolerant rails that accept sheet pans straight from a 350˚F (176˚C) oven.

  1. The Harbor Collection in White

As the healthcare foodservice industry continues to improve its menu options, we’re improving the options providers have to present it. The Harbor Collection, now available in white, is insulated ware that looks upscale while being an affordable alternative to fragile ceramics. Stylish and shatter-free, this meal delivery collection improves patients’ experience at healthcare facilities that offer room service. Cambro disposable CamLids® keep mugs and bowls safe during delivery and maximize heat retention.



  1. Colored Lids for Cam GoBox model EPP180

Our best-selling Cam GoBox, model EPP180, offers superior insulation while being lightweight and durable. One of the best ways to ensure temperature retention inside our GoBoxes to limit the amount of times you open its lid. To encourage this further, we thought of color-coded lids. Whether you’re routing the GoBoxes to different places or transporting several GoBoxes containing different types of food, colored lids allow you to know what’s inside the GoBox without lifting its lid. For example, a caterer might use blue lids to signify cold food and red lids to signify hot food, or a school kitchen cooking for satellite locations may assign different colors to each satellite. The options are endless!


  1. Cam GoBox Half-Size Top Loader with Carrying Strap and Half-Size Camwarmer

We made an improvement to our Half Size GoBox with strap by constructing it with an adjustable web strap that can be carried in your hand or on your shoulder. The Cam GoBox Half-Size Top Loader with Carrying Strap holds one half-size GN 8-inch deep food pan and has additional molded in handles to give you the option of carrying the GoBox instead. Made from expanded polypropylene material, the Half-Size GoBox is lightweight and durable. Take your heat retention up a notch by adding the new Half-Size Camwarmer. It’s designed to extend foods’ hot holding time when pre-heated and placed inside the bottom of the carrier.

GOBox w Strap

  1. Soak and Brine Tank

One of our favorite sayings is “Good things come to those who marinate.” To further support this common good, we created a 37-gallon mobile tank to simplify all soaking, brining and marinating needs. The Soak and Brine Tank is designed to completely submerge meats or poultry in brining solution or marinating sauces for enhanced moisture retention, texture and flavor.

“Usually we only have enough containers to pickle two weeks at a time, but the [Soak and Brine] tank just totally boosted the production we were able to make,” said Steve Chu, co-owner of Ekiben Baltimore.

It can also be used to pre-soak smallwares in sanitizing solution and reduce labor in pre-scrubbing. We made this product available in two colors to distinguish which tanks for food contact and cleaning. The Soak and Brine Tank drains in four minutes when completely full and features an easy to turn 45˚ valve.

soak and brine tank.jpg

Stay tuned for all the exciting products to come in 2020. We promise you won’t be disappointed!


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