The 12 Best Culinary Concepts from NRA 2016 in Chicago

CambroLogo_NRAIf foodservice experts agreed on one thing this past week, it’s that customization and ingenuity are everything. Such was the sentiment amongst showgoers’ within the 2,400 square feet of time well invested last week at McCormick Place Booth #2217, South Hall.

The displays exhibited various approaches of customization, ranging from trays with big personalities and finishes fit for the runway, designed to never tread lightly, 375 ° of elevated performance featuring the next generation of high-heat food pans (microwave ovens welcomed), sanitation on point with drying systems showing how to keep pans and trays from breeding bacteria to the “cover like no other” that delivers operators up to 3 more days of fresh goods.

The have-it-your-way Flex Station cemented its place as the ultimate portable sidekick –for any chef, caterer, or organizational enthusiast and trust us when we say that the possibilities are endless with this bad boy.

Food pans also had their moment showing off how much more condiments can be stored without eating up valuable space, while storage containers made their mark showing off their personalized tattoos, yet making another case for customization.

The Camshelving Premium High Density Shelving system was once again on track as the ultimate method to store well basically everything, from perishables to disposables, while the Freshness Contained App and brochure—channeled a certain fresh-off-the-press, where have you been all my life appeal.

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Many showgoers’ joined in on the My Team conversation and dropped in camera-ready to share their experience as a Cambro Happy Customer. The ever so popular StoreSafe message made yet another case for Locking in Freshness, Locking Out Risk suggesting that no matter the customization or ingenuity, if it’s not designed with Food Safety in mind—it will never exist in the Cambro booth.

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