Save Money, Time and Water Waste with the Camrack® 4-In-1 System

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Is your money going down the drain—literally? Industry estimates suggest that implementing water-efficient practices in commercial facilities can decrease operating costs by approximately 11 percent and energy and water use by 10 and 15 percent, respectively, according to the EPA. But, in an industry that relies on water for efficient cleaning and sanitary practices, where can you cut corners without sacrificing quality and safety? One major way foodservice operations waste water is during re-washing. Learn how to wash, store, inventory and transport dinnerware the right way the first time using Cambro Camracks:

  1. Efficient Washing

Camracks_sneapPeakInside instaYou never want a customer to find a lipstick mark on what is supposed to be a clean glass. Avoid this embarrassment among others by using Cambro Camracks. Open inside compartments provide thorough circulation of waste and cleaning solutions to leave items sparkling and promote quick and thorough drying. Glasses, dishware and utensils are left clean without needing an additional run through the dishwasher. Not only are you saving money by using less water, you’re saving valuable time your employees can now spend doing something else. You won’t have to worry about constantly replacing your racks either. Camracks are made with a durable, long-lasting polypropylene material that withstands chemicals and high temperatures up to 200°F (93,3°C).

  1. Sanitary Storage

Now that your dinnerware is clean, keep it that way! When you add a Camrack cover and Camdolly, this system is completely enclosed, meaning no bacteria, dirty hands, rodents, bugs or dirty mop water can get inside! The closed outer walls of the Camracks eliminate the chance of contaminants while reducing the risk of breakage and injury. The enclosed design of each Camrack keeps dust out and prevents operators from having to rewash glasses that have been in storage for a while.

4 in 1 Camrack

  1. Inventory Control

“But if Camracks are enclosed, how will I know what is inside?” We are so glad you camrack with clipasked! Cambro created a variety of base rack colors to help identify both contents and quantity per rack at a glance. Not only does this cut down on time, it keeps your glasses safe from prying fingers, dust and dirt that could go inside the rack when employees are opening their covers to see inside. In addition to color coding, Cambro offers one-color custom hot stamping or pre-printed clips for a fool-proof way to keep track of your inventory. Easily identify, store and transport the correct items without having to worry about employees misidentifying or forgetting what is inside.

  1. Safe, Sanitary Transportation

Your Camracks have already been used to wash and store your dinnerware, now you can transport them—using the same rack throughout the entire process. Camracks w Dollies GroupNot only does this save time, it saves valuable space and allows you to buy less racks too! Utilize Camracks’ ability to easily transport items across large campuses or to off-site locations with the help of a Camdolly. Employees can effortlessly move, load and unload racks thanks to easy grip handles and smooth overlapping sides.

Protect your items, wallet and the environment by switching to Cambro’s Camracks. Contact your Cambro rep to get started today.


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