Secure Your Camshelving® with These 4 Cambro Products

camshelving with shelf rails and dividers

Can’t keep your investment on the shelves? Whether your ingredients are continually falling off your shelving or liquor has gone missing from storage, Cambro products keep your back of house safe and secure.  Protect your shelving, storage, ingredients and beverages when loading and unloading, storing heavy ingredients and against employees with sticky fingers. Cambro knows your back of house needs to be equipped with durable products that can withstand the day-to-day toll it takes to run a restaurant. After choosing Camshelving® to outfit your storage areas, check out these four Cambro products that can increase the security of your units:

  1. Shelf Rails

Now that you have durable, hygienic Camshelving, it’s important to make sure the ingredients and containers on top of the shelves aren’t able to fall off. Camshelving Shelf Rails keep items on the shelves and off the floor. Some storage areas have the challenge of not allowing shelving to sit right against the wall. Installing Shelf Rails on your Camshelving ensures your containers will stay right where you want them. Shelf Rails are available for all four sides, three sides or one side, depending on the amount of coverage you need.


  1. Shelf Dividers

Shelf Dividers are essential for shelves containing lots of little packages and bottles. After adding Shelf Dividers to your Camshelving, all of those items transform into little soldiers standing at attention. When used in combination with Shelf Rails, you’re guaranteed that no items will tumble around inside or outside of your shelving. For operations with high volumes of narrow items, this is perfect for you.

shelf dividers2.jpg

PROTIP: We suggest choosing solid shelf plates for your Camshelving if you know you have a lot of narrow items. The cracks in vented shelving make it easy for little items to catch and air circulation is not usually a concern with those types of products.

  1. Dunnage Stand

Overloaded shelves can be a hazard for any operation. We always suggest installing Dunnage Stands to any heavy lower shelves. When adding a Dunnage Stand, the weight bearing capacity is increased to 1000 lbs. Adding extra support on your bottom shelf ensures your unit is solid against movement from loading and unloading and keeps weight evenly distributed.

shelving with dunnage stands

  1. Security Cage

What’s more secure than literally putting your merchandise under lock and key? Cambro Security Cage is available for one shelf and wraparound.  Whether you want to protect high priced ingredients or alcohol, you have a peace of mind knowing it’s only available to those who need to use it. Not only is it heavy-duty, Cambro’s Security Cages are rust-free thanks to their 300 series stainless steel material. These cages can be installed on both new and existing Camshelving units.

Secure your money by giving your Camshelving an extra boost of security. Contact your Cambro rep to learn more about the products mentioned in this article.


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