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The Smart Path to More Storage Space for Healthcare Foodservice

Healthcare foodservice has changed dramatically over the past few years. In the 2015 healthcare census, 45% of the hospitals surveyed specified offering some sort of on-demand room service to patients. In addition, 64% of the hospitals indicated growth in their retail cafeteria over the last two years, exceeding the number of patient meals.

With so many changes, one thing remains constant: the amount of storage space foodservice operators have to keep up with changing demands. Renovations are expensive and inconvenient to the productivity of a foodservice operation.

There is a solution for operations that have outgrown their space: Cambro’s Camshelving High Density Floor Track Shelving System. Cambro HD Shelving is easy to install and can drastically improve any storage space.

The High Density System provides more storage space so that operators can utilize every inch of their space. This durable and versatile system can be installed in freezers and walk-in coolers as well as any dry-storage location. In either scenario, foodservice operators can expect up to gain up to 40% more storage space with HD shelving.

Discover the storage space you never knew you had! Let one of our Shelving Specialists design a High Density System for you. Click here to provide your dimensions/specs and we’ll take it from there!

About the Author: Maria Hashemi is the Marketing Manager for Healthcare. For more posts related to Healthcare, click here.

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