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3 Key Areas of Concern for School Meals

Some things in school foodservice are constant – like the enduring popularity of pizza. But some things change with time and as our knowledge about nutrition increases, such as the importance of allergy awareness. In your operation, are you keeping in mind these 3 crucial aspects of school meals?

  1. Sodium Reduction
  2. Special Diets
  3. Food Allergies

Luckily, Cambro Allergen Management products make it easy to sort and separate allergy-free ingredients. Request a sample kit of allergy storage containers and seasoning shakers so you can see firsthand how efficient your operation will be with specially marked products.

Your sample kit includes:

One 1-pint Measuring Cup (50MCCW441)

One 4-quart CamSquare (4SFSCW441)

One 4-quart Seal Cover (SFC2SCPP441)

Two Seasoning Shakers (96SKRD, 96SKRC)

About the Author: Annamaria Barajas is the Associate Marketing Manager for Schools. For more posts related to school foodservice, clicks here.

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