Are US Schools Equiped to Handle 6 Million Kids with Food Allergies?

Allergen Free Flour Container - Cambro Blog1 in 13, or approximately 2 children per classroom have a food allergy. On top of that, almost 2.3 million children have experienced a severe allergic reaction, many at school.

Due to the limited size kitchens and storage areas, schools preparing allergen-free meals should carefully plan and prep these items on specific days and/or hours. Before preparing Allergen-Free meals the kitchen staff should be reminded that cooking does not eliminate the chances of a student having a reaction. Here are 6 steps to help you safely prepare allergen-free meals in your school kitchen.

Cambro’s NEW Allergen-Free Products help school foodservice operators:

  • Minimize risk by identifying ingredients and foods that are free of specified allergens.
  • Clearly identify Allergen Free storage containers, measuring cups and meals.

Visit for more on our Allergen-free products and stay tuned for more information and tips!

Are your looking for resources to safely serve students with allergies? Check out for samples action plans to fill out and keep on hand for students with food allergies, CDC guidelines, training opportunities for your staff and more.

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