Save Money, Time and Water Waste with the Camrack 4-In-1 System

Is your money going down the drain—literally? Hotels and lodging businesses account for approximately 15% of the total water usage in the US, according to the EPA. Hotels use the most water in restrooms, laundry operations, landscaping and kitchens. One major way your kitchen can waste less water is by eliminating the need to re-wash glasses. Learn how Cambro Camracks can make your business more sustainable while saving time and money.

1. Wash Efficiently

You never want a visitor to find a lipstick mark on what is supposed to be a clean glass. Open inside compartments provide thorough circulation for water and cleaning solutions to leave contents clean without needing an additional run through the dishwasher. Not only are you saving money by using less water, but that process will require less labor. You won’t have to worry about constantly replacing your racks either. Camracks are made with a durable, long-lasting polypropylene material that withstands chemicals and high temperatures up to 200°F (93,3°C).

2. Store Dishracks Without Having to Re-Wash

Now that your glassware is clean, keep it that way! When you add a cover and Camdolly, Camracks become completely enclosed—meaning no bacteria, dirty fingers, rodents, bugs or dirty mop water can get inside! Camracks are designed with closed outer walls to eliminate the chance of contaminants while reducing the risk of breakage and injury. The enclosed design of each Camrack keeps dust out and prevents operators from having to rewash glasses that have been in storage for a while.

3. Inventory Control

There are a variety of base rack colors to help identify both contents and quantity per rack at a glance. When employees don’t have to open racks to take inventory, glasses are safe from prying fingers, dust and dirt that could sneak inside. In addition to color coding, Cambro offers one-color custom hot stamping or pre-printed ID clips for a fool-proof way to keep track of your inventory. Easily identify, store and transport the correct items without having to worry about employees mistaking or forgetting what is in your racks.

4. Transport Dishracks Without Covering Them in Plastic Wrap

Mummified dishracks will become a ghost in your past. Camracks’ closed walls keep their contents safe during transport down the hall, across the property and even off-site. Easy grip handles and smooth overlapping sides allow employees to effortlessly and sanitarily move, load and unload racks. Camracks have been providing sanitary and efficient solutions for 25 years. Click here to read why Cambro’s customers love their Camracks.


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