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You Won’t Believe These 10 Amazing Before and After Shelving Transformations

There’s just something about a transformation that people can’t get enough of. Seeing an undesirable “before” followed by an enviable “after” is truly captivating. When it comes to foodservice, we love to see a messy, rusty walk-in become a work of Camshelving® art. We rounded up 10 of the most amazing Camshelving transformations we’ve seen to date.

  1. Space Waster

Before: The wire shelving in this business cannot connect at the corners, leaving valuable space underutilized. The shelving on the right side makes it difficult to reach the products on the back shelving unit as well.

After: Camshelving Elements® Series can connect to the back shelving unit, allowing every inch of the storage space to be utilized and making it easy for employees to reach every item on their shelving—no matter where it’s stored.

  1. Inefficient Proportions

Before: The entire backwall is being wasted and boxes are clogging up the middle of the room. Standalone shelving leaves too much space unused and shelves have been installed at heights that leave huge gaps where more products could be stored.

After:  Shelving…shelving everywhere! Camshelving can be customized to fit around the obstructions in your storage spaces. Plus, shelves are easy to configure and adjust to ensure smaller products don’t take up unnecessary space.

  1. Unorganized Chaos

Before: Cardboard boxes were doing a balancing act on an empty back wall. Although they already had Camshelving on one side, they hadn’t completed the job on the other side of the room and there was a noticeable difference.

After: Camshelving throughout the storage space allows everything to have a secure and organized place to live. When boxes aren’t secure, contents can be difficult to find or damaged.

  1. Going Out on a Ledge

Before: The Metropolitan inside Willis Tower in downtown Chicago needed to move everything from a storage area in the basement to their kitchen space. They had to get rid of the filing cabinets and random metal shelving and think strategically about how to utilize every nook and cranny they had.

After: Camshelving Elements® Series was customized to specifically fit their kitchen’s unique footprint, including a portion designed with uneven legs to allow it to sit perfectly on top of a ledge.

  1. Buckling Under Pressure

Before: This metal shelving, which looks relatively new, couldn’t stand up to the heavy soda system it was required to hold. When it collapsed, their local Cambro rep came to the rescue. 

After: Camshelving Premium Series is designed to withstand the harshest storage environments and can handle 2,000 lbs. per unit.

  1. Missed Connection

Before: The two units against the backwall weren’t long enough to fit the space so about a foot of storage space was unusable. Check out the gross, corroded wheels, too.

After: Rust-free Camshelving Premium Series was designed to fit the space perfectly in order to use every inch that they have. Previously, corners were obstructed by posts, but with Camshelving, corners are open to allow employees to easily reach items stored all the way in the back.

  1. Oh Sheet! There’s a Better Way to Store Sheet Pans

Before: A pizza shop needed to store their dough on sheet pans but didn’t need to move them and they didn’t have enough to completely fill them. Storing their sheet pans on sheet pan racks prevented them from utilizing their storage space to its fullest capacity.

After: With a foundation of rust-free Camshelving, chefs added the Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack for Single Shelf to gain more storage space and the ability to remove their shelving inserts if demand changes. 

  1. From Rusty to Trusty

Before: No words needed.

After: Camshelving Premium Series has antimicrobial Camguard® embedded into shelf plates, creating a protective barrier to discourage microbes from attaching to its surface.

  1. Yes, You Can

Before: Storing cans on your shelving wastes space, makes it difficult to find ingredients and rarely supports FIFO. There were lots of little packages being stored on this shelving that could have been organized better.

After: Starting with Camshelving Premium Series, the Ultimate #10 Can Rack was added  to provide efficient can storage and Camshelving Shelf Dividers helped contain small ingredients.

  1. Claustrophobic to Magnifique

Before: Boxes…boxes everywhere! When your storage area gets out of control, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

After: Camshelving® Premium Series High Density Storage System is ideal for high-volume foodservice operations. Designed to maximize storage, each shelving unit can be customized to fit whatever you need to store on it. Simply move shelves to reach the contents on the next unit. Our High Density Storage System can increase storage capacity up to 50%.

Contact your local Cambro sales rep to get a free custom shelving design for your space using our Camshelving Design service, which analyzes the most suitable and cost-effective shelving design for any storage area or walk-in.


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